PS4 - Round 1 - Australian Grand Prix [01/10/17 8:00pm] |

PS4 Round 1 - Australian Grand Prix [01/10/17 8:00pm]

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Apr 13, 2016
When I was on P9, the game told me that the session no longer exist. WTF!! I was able to rejoin but I was out of the 'zone'.
I hope codemasters is going to do some bugfixes.



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Aug 1, 2014
Race Report
Qualifying P13
Bottle my US lap so started on AS,probs my for the best in the end.
Race P2
Led most laps and made a call to stay on drys on an ever increasingly wet track, would've worked out if I didn't hit the wall coming out of T6 and losing half my wing, from then on had to coast basically and hope the battle behind me caused carnage,I needed 2 seconds more to win the race, but all in all a good show, if not for some very close cut offs and general spatial awareness issues a good 1st race lads well done


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Aug 10, 2017
P2, but have a P1 with 1:22:5 without penalty :(
P9, OMG ! , crazy race :lol::lol:, I had a bad strategy that makes me find myself at the bottom of the ranking.
I am still satisfied with the performance on this first race

My quali + race :
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Jan 13, 2014
Tough race that in slippery conditions.

So weird doing 20 odd laps in the wet and arguably only having inters come good right at the end.

Need to learn this weather system.

Knocked my front wing in a bit of a laggy incident, car ahead suddenly unghosted.

That forced me into an inters gamble 6 from the end, and they didnt fix my wing anyway......
About 3 laps too early.

Happy enough with 6th, probably would have been 3rd or 4th had i not damaged the car and panicked on tyres.

Shame to see so many retirements, especially before it even started raining.

More finishers next week i hope


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Sep 21, 2017
Cut a corner on my first lap meaning I had to pit and get new tyres with 6 mins to go. I the was cautious on my second lap and so qualified 5th (6th with the bug). I think I could've gone faster.

Kept 5th until my first stop where I changed my wing and went for the softs - a good call. With 5/6 laps to go, I was in the lead by 6 secs (to my surprise) and Jeff told me inters might be a good call, I was due to pit anyway so risked the inters. It paid off in the end with a race win
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Oct 30, 2014
Q: Set a good banker lap but I was waiting until the end of the session to set my best lap when the track has the most grip. I was on my outlap and I got distracted by a notification on my phone and hit the wall but a low 1:22 was possible.

R: I got into 1st after a couple of laps but when the rain started coming I thought I'd have to pit for the inters soon but since it wasn't wet enough i just went onto another set of US. Eventually I pit at the wrong time for inters when I was in the lead and was driving around out of the points. Still enjoyed the race and on to the next one.
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Nov 4, 2016
What a crazy race!

Q: No Time
R: P4

First, my internet dropped out (very unusual) just after starting my first quali lap, hope my AI car didn't get in anyone's way. By the time I got back in there was only a minute of quali left so couldn't set a time. Then noticed the timings we're a little crazy and despite putting in no lap and no time, the game stuck me on pole! So when we got underway I pulled off to the outside to let everyone passed. Again, hope this didn't confuse anyone or get in anyone's way, didn't look like it.

Having dropped back I avoided a couple of incidents on the first lap which allowed me to pick up some places. Then as others were pitting I made my way into the top ten. Then the rain started and although it was pretty slippy, it never felt like it was wet enough for inters, I also never got a strategy change from the team and noticing that DRS was still enabled I felt the dry's were the tire to stay on. That call really helped as I ended up running in P1 for a short time. Dropped back as my very worn SS (got to about lap 22) we're giving up. Decided still wasn't right for inters so went on US to the end. Last few laps were very slippy, definitely inter condition but not worth stopping. Ended up in P4, very pleased after effectively starting at the back.

Some good battles and all seemed clean. Crazy but fun first race!
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Apr 4, 2017
Quali - P1
Started P2 due to glitch (BUT STILL MY FIRST AOR POLE kinda) my lap was not good but I got pole and could of gone quicker so happy about that.

Race - P5
Pulled away on first lap and wanted to keep the gap over 1 Sec to save tyres and fuel, but bottles it and span.
Managed to come back through the fuel into third could of had second but bottled in the wet to finish third, but finish 5th due to 3 Sec penalty, can’t wait till next week due to having loads of fun
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S14 AOR PS4 F6 Champion
Jan 13, 2014
Q - Did a banker lap intially and made a few errors which resulted in a 23.8 and then went onto my 2nd run at the end of the session and cut the 1st corner which was Quality (PB was a 22.6)

R - Well its below enough said.

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Jan 13, 2014

My Australia highlight, couple of overtakes, quite lonely for the majority.

Apologies for vocals, only just started using party chat and had no idea it would also record my chat so that setting has been changed going forward.


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May 7, 2016
First sorry for the late reply been busy.

Q - p18
R - p10

Quali was very bad, chrashed in the first corner on my first hotlap.
Race was al about surviving, where tricky conditions had a ok pace but made some mistakes.
finished last but in p10 so a 1 point yeah.