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X360 Round 10 - Belgian Grand Prix [31/01/16 - 8pm]


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Jan 12, 2014

Round 10 - Belgian Grand Prix
Season 10

Race Information:

Date: Sun 31st January
Time: 8:00pm (UK time)
Circuit: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

If you are unable to attend the race, PLEASE advise your League Coordinator and leave a post in this thread.

Track Guide:


Cryo Lockdown

F1 Test Driver
Jan 13, 2014
Hey guys,

As some of you already know/heard/read/ about it, this Spa race will be my last race in the AOR F1 League for at least 11 months and maybe even ever. This is because I will be heading to China (Shanghai) in two weeks time for my studies. I will be there until the beginning of December and obviously I'm not bringing along my xbox :p

I'd like to thank @TRL Limitless and @FisiFan91 for allowing me to race this season even though I could not finish it, and with the livestreams gaining more popularity it will be even sadder to leave this league. I have enjoyed every single second of my league racing with AOR, from the GP2 and F1 last season on F1 2014 (even though the game was SHITE) until the races I did this season.

I have not been the quickest driver of this league, but I hope people have enjoyed watching the battles in the midfield that I had or the incident prone races I've uploaded from last season on my YouTube channel. I've received a couple of support messages the past couple of weeks and I just want to say that it's incredibly humbling and I'd like to thank everyone that 'supported' me in some kind of way.

I'd also like to thank all the AOR F1 drivers I have raced against or am still racing against. Some of those I have been battling with for the last two years in both AOR as in the TRL Monday/Sunday League. Even though I had some crashes in S9, I hope that most of you will recall me as a fair driver with who you could always go wheel to wheel with, even though it was sometimes wiser to just give up the position :p Best example of course is my most recent wheel to wheel battle with @TSR Unleashed through the first sector of Germany multiple times!

Special mentions go to @Leoobot who has been my teammate in three different seasons now (TRL and AOR), @brociek96 with whom I could always sweat for tracks/ask for setups :p, all of the TRL Boys who I've raced against so many times the last two years, the same goes for all the TSR guys who were never shy do to some racing, @Pryde with whom I've practiced quite a lot this season, @JACK 575 and @I Jason97F1 I who were also racing everywhere with me and @Seiyariu and @aZar ReactionZ who are both not AOR but still were/are a big help and always in for a good convo, so what gives! :angelic:

With Spa being the 'ideal' track to say goodbye on, I'm hoping to get in the top 6 again as its a fairly strong track for me. Unfortunately, this goes for almost everyone in the league and it's going to be insanely competitive again. I'm just hoping that even if I don't make the top 6 I can entertain you guys one last time!!

And who knows, maybe I'll be back for S11 if F1 2016 is awesome and I don't suck at it :D


AOR XB1 F1 Commentator
Jun 23, 2014
Good luck for both your final race and your studies @Cryo Lockdown
Was a pleasure practicing with or just messing around on the Codies games with you, even though we never league raced together. But who knows, maybe I'll join you for that future AOR season ;)
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Aug 6, 2014
Probably speaking for all of us here in saying that you will be sorely missed for racing against. Definitely one of my best friends through league racing and I'm sure a lot of other people agree as well. Will enjoy seeing you back and hopefully league racing on F1 2016 is good and we see you come back. All the best on your studies and travelling @Cryo Lockdown and wish you a great 2016 seems as you'll be gone for most of it. Also remember that if you say get attacked whilst away remember you can always defend with kers ;)
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Greedy Chris x

Formula 4 Test Driver
Jan 22, 2015
Couldn't record this but from what i remember it was a crazy first stint, after the first lap chaos i think i ended up last at some point, me lest jason trying to overtake block but he was defending the inside line all the time and braking late, all this battling allowed for a gap to made to the cars ahead, eventually i managed to get past block on lap 5 i think just as i pitted, managed to extend the gap with the undercut cause no one around me followed me in, i think block stretched his first stint to go on options at the end i'm not sure. i came out ahead of evo by 3-4 or even 5 seconds who was recovering from that turn one incident, he caught up to me in that same stint and i let him past in the DRS zone hoping to stay in his slip stream and carry me forward as i think my pace wasn't that far off but he was noticeably faster and more consistent than me, but unfortunately, as soon as i let him past i made a series of mistakes under braking dropping me agonizingly close out of his DRS, the gap was about 1.1 at the end of the same lap, so i pushed trying to get in his DRS knowing how crucial it can be around here with the slipstream too, but i think he was also pushing hard to try and recover or just the pace difference but i hovered outside his DRS for a couple of laps when i was pushing, but then i found myself making more mistakes the more i pushed. he opened up the gap to a couple of seconds by next pit stop i think. As i said before i think block was on options at the end but i don't think that was the best strategy as he was unable to close the gap at the end which stayed around 4-5 seconds i think. i think fox had a lag spike which put him about 2 seconds infront of me on lap 21 or something, i pushed to try and get in his DRS and he was also on options so i knew his tyres could be going, but i was already on optimal from before and as soon as i put it in rich it went to -1, i seemed to get close in some braking zones and got DRS at some point but he held at the end. I can't even remember what position i finished as i don't usually have to remember these things when i records, laptop should be back sometime this week tho.

And good luck to you Lockdown in China hope you have a great time there :)