PS4 - Round 11 Singapore Grand Prix [14/07/2016 20:00] |

PS4 Round 11 Singapore Grand Prix [14/07/2016 20:00]

Who was your driver of the day?

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Sep 9, 2014
Well. Erm. I am pretty much speechless. I have no words. It has been 712 days since my last F1 game victory which was also around Singapore when I won on the final lap. I was about as speechless then as I am now. No. Seriously.

Not really sure how to start this either. My first stint, I was probably a bit too slow as well as getting penalties by the lap almost and had a rather nice battle with @REYLAP_93. As my pace improved and penalties reduced, I had pitted on lap 13 for my first pit stop. I'm not going to tell you how I did it because why should I give any advantage away? My improved position was helped by @xMayhemMadness having a relative off day. The other Jake was also not present (This is probably useful information.) giving another Jake (Me) the opportunity to win which I took despite my heart beating harder than probably ever before. I had caught some people (Can't really remember back that far.) and overtook them before they went into the pits which is when I learnt that @JD7 and @iceman82100 had gone for a 3 stop over the 2 that myself and @xXVik-StarRxX had gone for. Fortunately, I had some good pace over Vik which allowed me to gain a good gap over him after passing him before my second stop on lap which ever it was. I had come out behind Jake and Iceman but wasn't concerned as they would need to pit again which they did before I started to catch them whilst taking good concern of track limits.

With the gap relatively good for myself, I had noticed that one of the other Jakes had closed in rather well and got fastest lap in the meantime. I had 6 seconds worth of penalties which was slightly concerning as he was closing in rather quickly. Fortunately, I had not gone too slowly so I didn't get disqualified and won the race.

Unlucky to Vik who was disqualified late on in the race. I had something similar in Hungary when also on for a podium. (Dropped 15 points that day.)

By the way, here's my race stream.
Very impressive to do 13 laps on primes and still have decent pace! btw i had damage at the end you would'nt have lapped me only for that ;)