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PC Round 12- Belgian Grand Prix [14/1/18 @ 8:00pm UK time]


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Oct 16, 2017
What a fun race that was! Apart from me really liking this track, the grid was also filled up pretty nicely:)
I hope everyone can keep this enthusiasm going for the rest of the season.

My race was pretty good, I took pole position, had good race pace and was able to make a one-stop strategy work, which allowed me to control the race.
After this race, the gap between @EditedStorm27 and me in the championship has come down to only 3 points. And with Editedstorm being really consistent, and @Douwe_C also being really fast with enough practice, this could be an exciting battle for the championship.

Also, congrats to @Agent Smith on the podium and @Hypedsn on 5th place in their first race with us!

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F1 Coordinator
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Dec 25, 2017
I'm recording the races from my POV as well since the start of this week. I put them on youtube as well. If you want to use my raw version as well, I can send it to you