PS4 - Round 12 - Belgian Grand Prix |

PS4 Round 12 - Belgian Grand Prix

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AOR PS4 GT3 S12 T5 Champion
Premium Member
May 7, 2016
Q - p8
R - p2

Quali could have been better, banker lap was ok but in my last lap i was going for it.
purple sector 1 but a mistake in sector 2 :cautious:
Race was fun, very lucky in raidillon on lap 1, slided of track taped someone who slided in front of me so the car straigtend out and i could continu.
Last laps where exciting, after the pitstop i managed to overtake @Anton Mineev for p3 but could not realy drive away.
I had a 3 sec penalty so needed that gap.
With 4 laps to go is saw @Giinis was strugeling so tried to catch him, i did so in the final lap.
He went a little wide in Fagnes and i got a side of him, next right hander i was on the oudside but he made me took the gravel part of the track that cost me a few seconds and put @Anton Mineev on my rear wing.
Managed to keep him behind (bearly) and we overtook @Giinis 2 meters before the fininsh line, gues he had no fuell.

Congrats to @joshualuke1993 for winning the race and @Anton Mineev for his pole and p3 in your first race in this tier (y)

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