PS4 - Round 12 - Hungarian Grand Prix - 13th January 2019 [8:00pm (UK time)] |

PS4 Round 12 - Hungarian Grand Prix - 13th January 2019 [8:00pm (UK time)]


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Sep 13, 2018
Quali: P12 - think my worst one of the year, really frustrating as I was 7/10ths up on two quicker laps which I span out of in Sector 2 after my initial run. Oh well...

Race: DNF - oh dear...

Avoided the chaos at T1, was all over the back of @MrRobinhx for a couple of laps before the safety car, feeling good, but couldn't get past. Stuffed it up by damaging my wing on his car behind the safety car while messing about with my settings, still, went for an overcut by a couple of laps hoping fresher mediums could help me get him later in the race.

BUT, later never came! Despite being quick I first bottled it selecting the wrong gear into the last corner, sorry to @xGATECRASHERx for then being in his way once my spin had stopped, then clearly frustration got the better of me, too much kerb out of T3 and straight into the wall.

Really annoyed as without mistakes I think I was quick enough for a podium, at least top 5 here, I'd found a decent setup. But mistakes are part of racing, I'm not as good around Spa but hopefully can still get some points. See you all next week!
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Salvo Failla

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Aug 9, 2018
Q: P15
R: P7

Q: Wet qualifying. During the first attempt I broke my front wing. So I repair it and try for 4 attempts. At the end of 4th and last attempt I finish with the 15th position.

R: 00:00 - Start the race, @Wesley3071 overtakes me;
00:52 - I overtake @Nick-1054 with his damaged car;
01:07 - Big crash with @Da Eagle, @Wesley3071 and @SEAN-GBR;
01:24 - @Wesley3071 overtakes me;
01:34 - Safety Car;
01:38 - BOX;
02:13 - @Jari in pit lane, I overtake him;
02:17 - Contact with @Limaro_83;
02:39 - BOX and contact with @KroNoS271;
03:36 - DSQ @SEAN-GBR, I get P15;
03:42 - @Limaro_83 goes out, I overtake him;
03:50 - @Jason007 does his pit stop and returns in the track in front of me;
04:10 - @JimiRäikkönen in pit lane, I overtake him;
04:18 - @Jason007 and me overtake @xGATECRASHERx, and then I overtake @Jason007;
05:04 - @chaingang123 in pit lane, I overtake him;
05:12 - Second Safety Car;
05:22 - I get P9;
05.26 - BOX;
06.01 - At the end of Safety Car I'm in P7;
06:17 - @chris130256 overtakes me, but @Hunter17 retires and I return in P7;
06:43 - @Wesley3071 in pit lane, I overtake him;
06:50 - @JimiRäikkönen overtakes me;
07:06 - @Limaro_83 overtakes me;
07:18 - I overtake @chaingang123;
07:23 - In the last laps big pressure with @Jason007 behind me, but I keep my P7 at the end of the race.

I'm very happy for this result because then 6 races without points this 7th position is very important for my season and also for my race mentality.
I'm sorry for the contacts but I think that are race contacts of a chaotic race.
Congrats @Nick-1054 for the win and great job for the other guys on the podium. I'm happy for this 6 points that make a little personal contribution for the team championship, GO SAUBER!

See you all in SPA ;)


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Apr 9, 2017
FYI, it was your front right just grazing my front left that knocked it off in T1. Unfortunate, but hard to avoid given the situation.

For anyone wanting spectator views of some of the action, I followed what I could from about lap 14 onward (~42 min 25 sec into the video).

Also just for kicks, here's my... highlights...?

Sorry about that @ramma . Looks like it was me. Tried to avoid everyone. Didn't feel or hear the impact during the race.