Round 12 Italian Grand Prix [2nd February @ 20:00pm GMT] |

Round 12 Italian Grand Prix [2nd February @ 20:00pm GMT]


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Jan 19, 2014
What is going here guys? :D Cant we just love each other and live in peace and all that? ^^ Theres not really anyone to blame on that incident. I went too deep. Got my front wheel somehow stuck to Hoffs rear wheel and thats it. I can understand Hoff after being crashed off the track in the last 3 races.


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Jan 14, 2014
DUC31511;n9496 said:
you think i am some kind of stupid kid? "pats on head"? no, i am not, BUDDY. i am pretty sure i am older than you so don't talk to me that way. just give me some good arguments about that incident in first lap where you think everybody else is guilty and stop using that stupid slengs. you said nothing that make sense.

sorry beyond, this is my last post about this race and this spoiled kid Hoff.
cool story bro.

You're arguing a point that no one else is making, including the people involved.

Lets just move on and hopefully learn from it, to avoid these first lap collisions and hopefully have cleaner races in the future.


Jan 14, 2014
he should stay. for me, it is just stupid if you are going to quit just because of racing incidents. and if you are planing to apply for next season, then why you wouldn't race every sunday till then?
and it can happen again next season that you have bad luck, so what is the difference then

i think i made my point so i wont talk about this anymore. cheers

Hamish Sopwith

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Jan 13, 2014
Hi All, im new to AOR and would like to introduce myself, you guys can add me on steam :) (Hamish Sopwith) i look forward to racing you.