PS4 - Round 13 - Italian Grand Prix [21/01/2018 8:00PM] |

PS4 Round 13 - Italian Grand Prix [21/01/2018 8:00PM]


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Feb 14, 2017
Quali: P3

I had a pretty decent first lap where I managed to do a 1:20.8, went for a second lap immediately after it but ofcourse when I'm 2 tenths up on my time I've gotta screw it up in the second chicane.. So for the second run, would be sure I could've gotten pole if I didn't bottled it on the first corner lost 3 tenths by bouncing over that stupid yellow curb, made it all good in the 2nd sector and ended up with a 1:20.7 which got me P3.

Race: P4

So for the start of the race I was pretty nervous which doesn't happen to me that often. But because of a wheel failure on Saturday in the F2 league I was a bit scared that it would happen again (luckily it didn't happen). Start was oke and ended up side by side with @KaneIyanda who had a much better exit going out of T1 which put him in P3 and me in P4.. Had a really good battle with him for 6/7 laps but ofcourse like the rest of the season I 'crashed' in Parabolica, glad it was only my front wing and not the entire car. Pitted on lap 7 for a new wing and a set of the slowest medium tyres. Came out of the pits sitting in P11 with no-one near in front of me and no pressure from behind, good clean air until lap 11, when @SolidNinjaSnake and @CombiKoermi came out of the pits really close behind me on the soft tyres.. Unfortunately they overtook me but yeah what could've I done there, I was no sitting in P5 again. By my surprise I managed to stay within one second of @CombiKoermi to have the DRS, battled with them both him and @SolidNinjaSnake until lap 22 when ofcourse their tyres went down and my medium tyres literally came alive. Made a move on @CombiKoermi in T1, he got the switchback so tried it the lap after on the same corner but let the car roll out a bit to avoid him do the switchback again, on lap 26 it was @SolidNinjaSnake his time, same corner and exact same way and we're back in P3 again and managed to pull away like 1.5 sec, 1.5 sec short because of the 6 sec penalties I had and @SolidNinjaSnake only had 3 sec. Congrats to @Roadhouse for another great win and to @MattDavies2511 and @SolidNinjaSnake with P2 and P3, this was the most fun race I had this season so far.

Have nice week everyone and see you in Singapore ✌

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Mar 13, 2017
Biggest Nightmare in the world.

Considering Monza is one of my strongest tracks on this game I'm bitterly disappointed.

Qualified badly due to getting this and next lap invalidated TWICE. The flying lap after an invalid out-lap would have been enough to put me within a tenth of the Pole time. As a result though I started outside the Top 10.

Race started quietly, kept my nose out of any nonsense, but I then lost it on the exit of Lesmo 2 on Lap 2, putting me in the wall and meaning I had to pit for repairs.

As a result I was too far behind anyone to really do anything, but I stayed out and didn't give up, and after @ColonelGaddafi was disqualified in Ascari I took 10th place and stayed there.

Also took fastest lap for the 2nd time in 3 races, so at least there is a positive.

On to my weakest track, Singapore... I'm dreading this.


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Nov 27, 2016
A little late but here's my race report:

Clearly not a great first lap as by the time I got back to the pits I was in P8. Improved on the first lap of my final run but lost a few tenths going through Ascari and a little bit at Parabolica. Decided to risk worn tyres and went for one last lap where I did better and did a 21.0 giving me 5th until the newcomer @CombiKoermi stole it from me. =P
So I qualified in 6th. Guess I'll take that with my lack of practice again.

Great start to the race, grabbing 5th place off the line from @CombiKoermi. I also almost had a repeat of Spa where I saw this time someone nearly going down the inside of me but they were able to stop in time. Lap 2 I almost grab P4 after @KaneIyanda goes into the gravel which let @InFinityzzHD make the pass on him at Lesmo 1. I was pretty happy that I could somewhat keep up with these two, but then again I think that was more down to them battling each other haha.

Lap 3 and I make a mistake at Ascari (did a few times in the race) which let @CombiKoermi attack me, or try to. I do want to apologise for what happened as I hope you didn't feel like I was trying to block you unfairly. Basically, I stuck to the right after my mistake and saw him also go to the right, almost as if he was going to pass me off track. I then felt a tap on my rear right so I quickly darted to the left to avoid getting spun and both of us crashing, when I look behind again and see him almost losing his car. So apologies for that!
That moment did seem to bring @Senaattori into play as the two battled down the pit straight, making me hope they'd battle for a bit to give me a chance to pull away which I was able to. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to gain on @KaneIyanda and @InFinityzzHD ahead though, so I was expecting a lonely race from this point on.

@InFinityzzHD pitted on Lap 7 which I wasn't sure if it was due to damage as there was a front wing just before the pit entry. I'm now into P4 and struggling to catch up with @KaneIyanda, until Lap 8 where he made a mistake as Ascari which let me close the gap of 3 seconds to 1.7. He soon started to pull away again but as we get to Ascari again on the next lap, I see him crash out! That was the end of his race which also gave me P3. The leaders soon pit which let me lead the race for a lap which was nice haha, until pitting myself on Lap 11, along with @CombiKoermi behind me. He and I both put the Soft tyre on, but while exiting the pits Infinity passes by and I see him on the Mediums! So I knew it was going to be an interesting ending!

Lap 13 and I was able to just squeeze past side by side through the second chicane to take a net 3rd place. Next down the road was @MattDavies2511 and @Roadhouse who were bloody 13 seconds ahead! Haha. No chance of catching them up so I focused on the two behind me, again hoping they would battle to let me pull away. Unfortunately I couldn't and didn't have the fuel to put the car into Rich. For the next 10 laps, I don't think the gap ever went higher than 1.5 seconds, the majority of the time I believe it was under a second! I was able to hold on but then all the action happened. Lap 22 I mess up Ascari (again) which let @CombiKoermi get alongside me on the outside and around Parabolica where I was able to keep the position. @InFinityzzHD did briefly get past him on the pit straight but CombiKoermi managed to get him back at the chicane. Next lap around Infinity on his fresher Mediums, got him and was chasing me down until the penultimate Lap 26, where he managed to pass me down at the first chicane. =(
Thought I was going to get lucky at Lesmo 2 as on the exit he almost loses his car haha. I wasn't able to retake 3rd place and finished in 4th, until I see he had two penalties! Therefore bumping me up to 3rd place!

So for someone who didn't do any practice until an hour or two before the race, I'm definitely happy with the outcome! Although it has to be said, I was pretty lucky thanks to @KaneIyanda crashing out and @InFinityzzHD making that early pitstop, as well as having two penalties. It was a pretty good race! Nice job to @CombiKoermi on his debut race! Congrats to @Roadhouse on the win and @MattDavies2511 for second after having what looks to be an almighty battle! Finishing just shy of 15 seconds ahead of me! Even if I had practiced more, I don't think I'd have been able to match their speed! So congrats! =)