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PS4 Round 13 - Japanese Grand Prix


Reigning S14 AOR PS4 F7 Champion
Jul 10, 2015
Just a warning to everyone. Other leagues I race in have been telling me that I'm having some pretty bad lag over the past week or so. I just did a speedtest now and everything seems to be fine (9 ping, 17 up, 3 down for local, and 109 ping, 17 up and 3 down to a Vodafone London server). I'll do another speedtest before the race tomorrow and if it's ok I'll race. If I do start lagging tomorrow, please let me know.


Reigning S14 AOR PS4 F7 Champion
Jul 10, 2015
As promised, I've done the second speedtest just now, and nothing seems to have changed. I will be racing today, but if I do start lagging, please let me know somehow so that I can drive a little more cautiously when racing with others


S13 AOR PS4 Assist Champion
Apr 4, 2017
Qualifying - 5th
Left it till 0:00 on the clock to cross the line and start my lap.

Race - 2nd
Boring race in a whole, there was no slip stream for some reason so during the wet period just on the Rob train. Came dry and managed second clear of my opponents.
Stat of the day, I started 5th finished 2nd and didint make a single over take on track...


F1 Senna Equivalent
Feb 18, 2017
Q - 11, Messed up my quick lap by track extension

R - 9, Got caught up with a bit of lag heading into the first corner and ended up facing the wrong way down the start/finish line, in the gravel trap.
Was in a race of my own until @danio had a little incident that dropped him back.

Pitted for hard tyres on lap 5, 7 laps to early but just thought a gamble was worth it seeing how far back I was, was the wrong decision, could go round the track fine, but was just loosing to much time to those that were still on intermediates, @danio pitted a lap after me, so we were having a little battle of our own for the rest of the race.

I pitted again and came out on medium's, @danio came out on softs, so wasn't sure who made the right call. Realised I was at -1.81 fuel with 6 laps to go so had to run on lean the rest of the race and just made it to the finish, luckily @danio was saying his tyres had gone.

Not really sure what happened to my fuel?

Nice little battle with you @danio

Congrats @skeevan_
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Premium Member
Feb 8, 2017
Q - :banghead: DNF - Didn't even start hot lap :arghh:

R10 - After crash in quali I thought my race will end up same like last year - on the barrier in hairpin but luckily enough this time I've made it to the end.

Start could it be much more better but there was toooo much lags so I kept away of that not even trying to overtake single car. So ended up to race on my own for a couple of laps until I've pittet a lap after @HoinkDoink where as Hoink said it was too early. However @HoinkDoink had a gap of around 12 sec ahead of me, I've managed to close it to the one second, because of lean mode on Manor car.

Second pit in about 10 laps to the end I went to a gamble and I came out on softs. I was much more faster than @HoinkDoink but his defending was spot on and I couldn't pass him. We were battle for about last 7 laps but on a hairpin I've made a mistake because of my tyres and cliped end of his car and completly lost a pace, ending up race on P10.

Nice battle and congrats to everyone who finished.
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