PS4 - Round 14 - Singapore Grand Prix [04/02/2018 8:00PM] |

PS4 Round 14 - Singapore Grand Prix [04/02/2018 8:00PM]


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Jan 15, 2017
Quali: 1st

I invalidated my first lap, I saw @nezehran first lap was shocked to say the least. I threw caution to the wind on my last two laps and managed to scrape pole, getting myself a PB online.

Race: 1st

From practice I new the start was going to be crucial. I didnt get a good run and almost lost the lead. I was able to hold onto it. after then it was literally about slowly gapping everyone as much as possible. After lap 15 or so I was able to extend the gap around a second a lap which was a shock to me. It was a really surprising result. I am really happy with it. Congrats to everyone who made the finish! It was a real race of attrition.

If you really wanna watch my highlights feel free.... it's like watching paint dry


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Apr 4, 2017
Having a knack for the worst tracks turning out to be my better races this season.....

Qualifying: 11th

**** poor - first lap was THREE SECONDS off pole despite having a good race set-up. Was on course to be two seconds quicker on my next lap but, as I normally do, stuffed the car into the barrier along the Marina Bay section. 11th.

Race: 7th

Equalled my best result of the season, but I'll admit was fortunate to get it. Start went well, passed @baba99jaga, @InFinityzzHD and @TheTubbyNinja over the first two laps which saw me P8, then seemed to catch @KaneIyanda and @Tigerkart_22 as they squabbled amongst themselves. Just as I caught up to the both of them, the handling went to **** and then started struggling again. Let my teammate through as he had more pace in hand, leaving me to fend off the rest of the guys behind. Had to pit at the end of lap 6 as I had damaged my front wing slightly.

Rest of the race? Picked up the pieces from others' misfortune and ended up in P7 - albeit two laps down, had a family matter to attend to so tried to end my race early.

Good result considering my struggles. :)
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Oct 2, 2017
Qualifying: 2nd

Just like 10 minutes before the race started i felt i had hit the sweetspot in everything. Did a 1.37.2 in my last practice run and had done a 1.37.3 in the practice before that. So when i hit my banker and did a 1.37.6 i was happy. because i felt i could go faster in a lot of places, But for some reason i just keept loosing time everywere on my second run xD but for being my first ever F4 race im really happy with getting P2 in qualifying!

Race: 2nd

I knew that the only chance I had of wining the race would be if i overtook @MattDavies2511 going into the first corner and i was so freaking close to do it aswell.... but when he got out infront i knew it was gonna be a hard task of catching him because he had sick race pace lasta night!

But for being my first race in F4 im really happy with the results even if i almost got a heartattack when my tiers went of in the end and @advanceapple starting to close the gap fast!
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Jan 14, 2014
Crashed out in quali. Broke my wing twice in the race. Finally got the hang of the track when I was a lap down and then binned it when I was keeping up with @Roadhouse. Onto Malaysia...


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Oct 15, 2017
Was having a decent return race after so long away before making potentially my dumbest error yet of crashing into the pit wall, retiring me from the race. Was getting passed for fun at the start but I knew I'd finish strong if I just made it to the end. Learning experience I guess; the lesson being: don't crash into the f*cking pit entry wall.