PS4 - Round 14 - Singapore Grand Prix |

PS4 Round 14 - Singapore Grand Prix

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F1 2nd Driver
Jan 13, 2014
Horrendous luck for the 2nd week going Josh.

In comical circumstances really i have 1 horrendous lap before my 1st stop, costing me 40 odd seconds, running 1 min 20 off lead with 3 laps to go and take a win.

As always with Singapore getting to the flag proves key, surprise rain at the end making it even trickier.

Can't really be proud of it but I'll take winning my 2 favourite tracks on the calendar.

A lot of 0 pts at the top of the standings this race!
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F1 1st Driver
Jan 6, 2015
Was running sweetly and looking for good points. Then at the end something very strange. Broke at the very same point I had all race in the middle sector and the car simply locked up and went straight into alcove. Was gutted at the time to be honest as knew there would be more DNF’s. Well done @blake300892 sorry I missed on a big team points haul.