PS4 - Round 16 - Russian Grand Prix - 10th February 2019 [8:00pm (UK time)] |

PS4 Round 16 - Russian Grand Prix - 10th February 2019 [8:00pm (UK time)]


S16 AOR PS4 F9 Champion
Sep 1, 2018
Well done @louielouie50 for the win. You certainly didn't 'bottle' this one!
@Limaro_83, congrats for the final podium place but I was surprised by how bad your tyres were at the end? I also got the pit entrance penalty and if you look in the stewards it seems many people did too? I gather its not worth taking it to the stewards though because they can't do anything about it? Is that correct?
My statistical chance of winning the champs is over now. Only Limaro has any chance of catching @Nick-1054 because I will miss the USA round as I'm on holiday that Sunday. Nick has truly dominated this league and I've enjoyed racing against him. No congrats yet as he still needs a few more points!
Only see your post here now mate, didnt know about that before todays race! If I get to keep my fourth place that means I will be champion. Its been a pleasure racing against you mate! Thanks for the great fun! Now lets have some more these last rounds!!!!
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