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PC Round 17 - United States Grand Prix [25/02/18 8:00pm]

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Steve Jackson

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Jan 14, 2014
Round 17 - United States Grand Prix
AOR F1 2017 Season 14

Race Information:
Date: Sunday 25th February 2018
Start Time: 8:00pm (UK time)
Circuit: Circuit of the Americas
Laps: 28

Please try to be online at least 10 minutes before the start time, and await the lobby invite from the League Coordinator and/or the lobby host. Also please ensure your internet connection is in an optimal state at the time of racing.

Rules & regulations: Before you take to the track in the league race, make sure you are fully aware of the rules & regulations of the leagues. As a driver in our leagues, you are required to do your very best to ensure clean and fair racing at all times.

Lobby settings: If you are unsure about the lobby settings that will be used for the race, look here.

No-shows: If you are unable to attend the race, please inform the League Coordinator and leave a post in this thread BEFORE the race takes place. Note the rules of participation here.

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Confirmed no-shows:


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Oct 16, 2016
apologies for being a pain but im not 100% sure ill be around tonight if 8pm comes and im not here feel free to start without me


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Aug 26, 2017
WHAT A RACE THIS WAS!! From P19 to P7, my highest finish this season! And it was so intense... never would have thought that this would turn out to be a three-car fight in the final lap. Woah. I think I need to breath. :D

Thank you to everyone who I had a battle with tonight, there were a lot and they were all awesome! And congrats to @SexySpudflaps for the win!
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Dec 21, 2017
Qualifying: P3

Had a great qualifying, was within 0.1 seconds of first and second place, which was great. First run was a 35.3 which wasn't that good. My 2nd runs always seem to be a bit better as it was a 34.2

Race: P10

Really disappointed by this one. From the start I was off the line well but Couldn't gain a place. I was behind @LolFish42 for a good bit but he was lagging alot so I was scared to come close and overtake him. Cost me a good bit of time. Eventually I overtook him for P3 but @Kiinako had already come past us before that.

Coming into the pits lap 8 for Softs, all seemed to be going well, but I hit @Kiinako coming out of the pit lane and into T1. My pit guy told me there was some minor damage, but my wing was still full green on my screen. This is where my pain began. My laptimes slowed down to 1:41s and 1:42 while Kiinako on supersofts was doing 1:36s and 1:37s. Something mustve been wrong with my car because I dont believe I can lose 5 seconds on softs to a guy on extra softs. Anyway, I tried to let everyone pass normally as they were all faster than me, but some people tried to overtake in some places where it wasn't really possible, which sometimes gave me an offtrack, Eventually I was on 6s penalty.

Going into the last corner @Poetic D and @LolFish42 collided, and I had to evade, giving me a 10s penalty (5s and stop&go) Which I will appeal at the stewards.
All in all, not a great track, not a fun race.

Congrats to @SexySpudflaps for a good win.

My race:


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Jan 15, 2014
That was a really eventful race for me. Messed up my two final runs in quali so I think I could have been higher without the mistakes. So qualified 7th and got overtaken in the few few laps (don’t know his name - Nick?) however it was a bit of a dive bomb and if I hadn’t got out of the corner I think I would have been taken out (at least that’s how it felt at the time). I then settled down but Nick was a little off the pace with his low wing set up and fast as feck on the straight. After losing about 7 seconds to the cars in front of us I eyed up my chance and took it! It was really closely judged as Nick shot across the front of my car and missed me by inches so I went for the inside of the corner instead of the racing line (the hairpin sequence of corners). I then started to catch the guys in front by a second a lap and got within a second or two as they started tiring for their strategy’s. I stayed out until lap 11 as I was concerned about traffic slowing my down if I pitted earlier. I came out I think in 11th I think and just behind @Neil Bywater which I was a bit disappointed about as I know how consistent @Neil Bywater is. After a few more laps we had gained some positions due to people putting I think we were around 8th and in a chain of cars from 5th I think. @Neil Bywater got into a mini tangle with @Rienk and i passed him on the inside into the last corner. I then passed @Rienk on the run up to turn 1 (I think - too many passes at this stage). I then frightened the hell out of someone into the corner after the back straight. I positioned my car for the inside and went super late and hard onto the brakes and they got out of my way. (Sorry it was a bit of a dive bomb but I did actually slow it down to take the apex in time - I understand why you got out of the way though :p). The rest of the race was a bit hazy but someone pitted in front to promote me to 3rd and although I very briefly held second as @Kiinako pitted he went onto ultras which were seconds a lap quicker than my seriously stressed Softs. I left himpass without a fight and as I had a 3 second penalty I managed the gap to @Rienk (apart from two lag spikes costing me a second each time!). Really happy to finish and then estatic to finish 3rd!

Neil Bywater

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Jan 20, 2014
Nice win @SexySpudflaps well done

I had some issues otherwise think I could have been well into the top 10.

In the end finished 12th but promoted to 9th with no penalties and it looked like everyone else had loads.

I think even I agree with your Penalty removal @Sjoelbakkie .Now that is saying something. Does it mean you get 9th back, me 10th?


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Apr 8, 2016
Qualifying: P1
Wasn't expecting my second pole, but was bang on the pace both runs, really close through the top six though.

Race: P1
I was confident on my one stop strategy and the car was feeling good on ultras. I lost the lead on lap one but when lolfish ran wide into turn one lap two I was able to take the place and start building a gap. I spent the rest of the race managing tyres, fuel and the gap back to @Kiinako which was being reduced terrifyingly fast. Some great defending from @yoan97222 on your in lap, you were impossible to pass :rage::smuggrin: upping the wing by one when I pitted proved to be worth it as the front end was as responsive as it gets. A good race, and quite pleased with myself, I don't expect to do well at mexico though :depressed:

Thanks @TheEpicSnowWolf @Sjoelbakkie @Neil Bywater :)


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Sep 9, 2017
Join me in my emotional rollercoaster.
The entire last week: C U C K F O T A
Literally 10 minutes before the race: Oh this is alright actually
Qualifying: C U C K F O T A
Race: F*ck yeah, this is awesome!

Qualifying (P14)
Absolutely horrible. I did a 1:33:8 in practice before the race, but because of messy 1st and 3rd sectors, I was 2 seconds off of that. 1st run invalidated, 2nd run ****, 3rd run about 100 milliseconds less ****, no time left for 4th lap because of having to let people past in my out-lap.

Race (P4 / US -> SS)
The polar opposite of qualifying.

My starting tire was going to be the US tire. I wasn't sure on the rest of the strategy yet, but I was gonna make that decision during the race.

I managed to be brave, but not reckless into the first corner. I passed @Poetic D off the start line, and managed to slot my car into some tight gaps, gaining 4 more positions instantly and claiming P9 before the S curves. After that it looked like @acerees had to avoid @RCR_Niek under braking for turn 11. I took advantage of this and passed him by means of traction onto the straight. After getting a better run out of turns 16-17-18, I was right behind @RCR_Niek. He was lagging back and forth, so I decided I should get past him immediately in order to not destroy my race. I went side-by-side with him through the penultimate corner, going wheel-to-wheel through the last corner where I passed him on acceleration. I was now P7, and this was only the first lap.

As I raced on, I managed to keep a decent gap to @acerees behind me and stayed right behind @LukeBin010. After a few laps and quite a few failed overtake attempts, he went wide into the last corned and I passed him onto the S/F straight. Now I was catching up quickly to @LolFish42, finding myself right behind him later in the same lap. I was trying to set up an overtake, but he went into the pits going into lap 10. At this point I had to make a decision. Was I gonna pit now onto softs, or was I going to stay out for a few more laps and pit onto supersofts. I was pondering this for the entire lap, and I decided to stay out until the end of lap 11 and pit to supersofts. @acerees behind me seemed to have the same idea.

My tires were almost 60% worn at this point, so I really HAD to pit now. @michal_miletin seemed to want to pit on that lap too, but fortunately I was in front of him, so I got the full speed of the pit-crew. Unfortunately though, I got held up for about 3 seconds as @Kane Jr went past. In turn I seemed to have held up @acerees, but this now meant that he was right behind me. I exited the pits in P10, with @Neil Bywater slotting in between me and @acerees. After a few laps, I was trying to get past @Nasom, with both @acerees and @Neil Bywater trying to get past me. I tried to go for a slightly unorthodox move on @Nasom into turns 8-9, which ended in me getting pushed off-track a bit. This allowed both @acerees and @Neil Bywater to get past me in turn 11. This also resulted in my first penalty of the race. Lap 14 before first penalty, not bad.

Then. Carnage. At the start of lap 15, @Neil Bywater was trying to get past @Nasom in the S curves right in front of me. This resulted in @Neil Bywater getting punted to the side. I managed to avoid him, and had to resort to going cutting the last corner of the S curves to avoid a very slow-going @Nasom. After I had regained my composure after that, it was just a race of consistency. In all of the following 13 laps everyone who appeared in front of me pitted, and soon I was P4. The pace between @acerees and myself seemed to be virtually the same, since I always saw him on the same parts of the track every single lap. At this point I had 6 seconds of penalties, and information from Jeff that @yoan97222 had atleast 3 seconds. I was slightly more than 4 seconds ahead of him, so as long as I could keep it that way, I'd be fine. I managed to keep that gap virtually equal too, driving in my own little bubble between @acerees and @yoan97222. I crossed the finish line with 60+% worn tires, claiming P4. That was A HELL of a recovery drive.

Congratulations to @SexySpudflaps for the race win, and to the rest of the podium for their consistent performance. Also thanks to everyone I had the pleasure to meet on track for the great racing and battles! I had about 10 times as much fun in that race than I thought I'd have, and I don't know where my pace suddenly came from, but I'm SO glad it did.

EDIT: I should become a writer, jesus christ I can blabber on.
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S14 AOR PC F7 Champion
Sep 20, 2017
Quali: P6
Let me tell this. ****. This. Track. I know Liberty won't ever get rid of this one, but a man hopes to see it happen. Back to topic: On the first outing good a meh lap, and on the second, which for some reason was only one shot, I went wide and got a meme flag.

Race: P2 (US/SS/US)
Tell me, @SexySpudflaps, where did that pace come from? Holy ****, I could not catch up to you in neither one of my stints. On top of that I got a 3 second penalty which was honestly just only because of FIA's inability to let tracks have the actual road end at the white line and not have a highway-esque rescue line across the damn track. Overall, I had the chance to get the title here, but the **** qual pretty much ruined it for me.
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