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PC Round 17 - United States Grand Prix [25/02/18 8:00pm]


Pro Karter
Aug 10, 2017
It was good to be back racing again first of all. I had a busy period with lots of tests to study for and other work related events that I had to put time and effort in. So I was not able to practice and do races for a long time. My apologies first of all for my unconfirmed no-shows. But now I am back. I have more time to practice again and more time to do attend to the races. And I am very happy to be back as I enjoyed this race very much! Even though the result was not that good. This was because of a couple of stupid mistakes on my part during my second and third stint. But the first stint was great and the beginning of the second as well. Did a couple of nice overtakes, and I felt really pacy. Then in my second stint I broke too late for the last turn and damaged my front wing. From that point on things went downhill, I pitted again for a new front wing and was really quick again. But then after I overtook a couple of cars, I managed to damage my front wing on the back of another (early) braking car again. From that point on I did not even bother to pit again and finished in P8 in the end. So not the result I was hoping for but a very enjoyable race!