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PC Round 17 - United States Grand Prix [25/02/18 8:00pm]


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Aug 21, 2016
Round 17 - United States Grand Prix
AOR F1 2017 Season 14

Race Information:
Date: Sunday 25th February 2018
Start Time: 8:00pm (UK time)
Circuit: Circuit of the Americas
Laps: 28

Please try to be online at least 10 minutes before the start time, and await the lobby invite from the League Coordinator and/or the lobby host. Also please ensure your internet connection is in an optimal state at the time of racing.

Rules & regulations: Before you take to the track in the league race, make sure you are fully aware of the rules & regulations of the leagues. As a driver in our leagues, you are required to do your very best to ensure clean and fair racing at all times.

Lobby settings: If you are unsure about the lobby settings that will be used for the race, look here.

No-shows: If you are unable to attend the race, please inform the League Coordinator and leave a post in this thread BEFORE the race takes place. Note the rules of participation here.

Useful Links:
Results & Standings
League Rules
League Information
Race Calendar

Confirmed no-shows:
@AOR Ghost
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Sep 9, 2017
I think the constructors standigs are more exciting as the driver standings @Smash. Because everyone knows who will win the championship right :D


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Sep 10, 2017
I think the constructors standigs are more exciting as the driver standings
Only one point in it :D While you're in a championship battle with @Smash, I have been fighting with @Armadeira in every race we've both been in so far.

@EL_Sonny @Smash whats up guys, @Kreosteijn is showing you both up in the TTs
I'm only quick in Time Trial, unfortunately. Same story as in Singapore and Malaysia :p

Also, @JERRY is almost three tenths quicker than all of us with a 1:32.6.


Formula 4 1st Driver
Sep 9, 2017
9:35 - 1st corner cut
14:05 - 2nd corner cut
18:20 - My one and only chance to get a lap in xD

21:50 - Start of the race, little fight with smash
22:20 - 1st warning
25:00 - 2nd warning ( those 2 warnings are the only 2 i had in the race :p)
25:50 - Battle with smash
For the rest on the soft stint, i set the pressure on Smash and came close here and there but didnt had enough to overtake.
56:30 - Battle, what ends out in a little frontwing damage for me
Overall, @Smash we got finally our battle in the race :D, sadly the touch on lap 22 was the end of it , but in my eyes its a race incident :)
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Sep 10, 2017
I messed up my race on turn 1 of lap 1: damaged my front wing and had to pit. I was happy with my pace after that though, only lost 5 seconds to @Smash in the last 20 laps.


Helmetless Stig

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Oct 25, 2015

Quali lap: 11:00
Start: 15:05
Overtake: 21:00
Bottle: 30:20
Overtake: 46:30

Would have been in the midfield if I hadn't spun.


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Jun 25, 2017
annoyed when decided to go wide into T1. A lot of folks was there and I got illegal overtake on Stig who was dead last, so I had to let everybody go through. But, I had a lot of fun racing, had some action with a couple of guys. Cheers, love u all


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Jan 26, 2014
Happy with P3, pushed like crazy in the last lap to build a 3-sec gap so that I didn't lose a place due to a penalty, and made it by 0.2s ahead of @dragonbone81. I tried the 2-stop strategy as I didn't think I would have been fast enough on Softs pace-wise with the guys in front (the two who shall not be named...). It almost didn't work because I was stuck behind the leading duo for the majority of my 2nd stint on US while they were on S, I couldn't pass them even though I had the tyre advantage. I wanted to build a gap in front of dragonbone so that I had less to re-overtake on my final SS stint, but by being stuck, I probably lost around 10s. That made me rejoin the race in P8 (from P3) after my second stop and a lot of ground to reclaim. I quickly pass a couple of people and, with 5 laps to go, I was in P5, around 5s behind dragonbone and @Fbyson who, fortunately, were battling. Their battle allowed me to close the gap quickly and finally passed them both by lap 27 (by a beautiful divebomb pass on turn 16 I might add haha). Then, it was all about building that gap I mentioned above and finish P3!

Feels gud!