PS4 - Round 19 - Brazilian Grand Prix |

PS4 Round 19 - Brazilian Grand Prix

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Formula 4 2nd Driver
Jan 1, 2018
Q 3
R 5

Best ever qualify, no idea where it came from and it all falls apart after 10seconds into T1 where I’m hit in the rear by @Big-Kid-Daddy. I’m at the back but get past @Junybean463 and a mistake or incident with my team mate @blake300892 (who we battle with at the end) on lap top and I’m up to 8th.
I’m catching @Joost and @Wimstradamus who are having a battle but @Junybean463 gets in my slipstream in lap 3 and makes a pass into T1. @Junybean463 loses grip in T2 and horror of horrors I catch his rear and with wing damage have to pit . I pit for softs on lap 4 and get into a rhythm. Manage to jump a few as the first round of pits take place and I’m up to 6th my lap 12 and 5th by lap 17. Than another disaster with a puncture on lap 21. Never saw that coming. I limp into the pits in lap 21 and switch to softs but the stupid pit crew put on super softs. Even though I has softs on the tyre selection, Ahhh Long way to go on S/S... I exit pits in 8th and decide to take it easy to see if I can finish the race in the S/S. Pit stops sees me climb to 6th the next lap and a mistake from @Big-Kid-Daddy on lap 31 has be up to 5th. I’m easing the car home, coasting into corners to make sure the tyres last and I don’t have another puncture. @blake300892 causes me to take extra care the last couple of laps so I finish 5th. With a clean race am sure I would have had another podium..... I’ve no idea where I sit as I can’t se results on my iPad and don’t have a laptop. One race to go....not one of my better tracks and can’t do the point and squirt sections.
Quali was closest i have seen from 2nd to last. realy fun race and quali


F1 2nd Driver
Jan 13, 2014
Such a lonely race.

2nd lap i was running 4th, ran wide middle of the lap and lost the car when trying to save.

However, even though i was being careful, whether its the nature of the track but every corner after the car just kept going round.

Ended up with a 1.55 lap so 40s gone in a single lap and found myself dead last 36s adrift of the next car. it was just keep pounding round and seeing what happened.

Got a glitchy pit limiter penalty which meant i served a 5s pen in my 2nd stop. My limiter was on well before so summed the race up.

Hunted gaps down well and ended up just behind my teammate at the end.

Thought I'd have a crack final lap but on worn tyres i lost the backend into the final corner on penultimate lap which cost me DRS, would have still been difficult to make a move stick a 3s penalty anyway.

Looking at post race results i could have been around the podium scrap but that was over very early on!