PS4 - Round 19 - Mexican Grand Prix [10/03/19 8:00 PM U.K.] |

PS4 Round 19 - Mexican Grand Prix [10/03/19 8:00 PM U.K.]

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Aug 11, 2016
Round 19 - Mexican Grand Prix
AOR Hype Energy F1 Leagues - Season 16

Race Information:
Date: Sunday 10th March 2019
Start Time: 8:00pm (UK time)
Circuit: Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez
Laps: 36

Please try to be online at least 10 minutes before the start time, and await the lobby invite from the League Coordinator and/or the lobby host. Also please ensure your internet connection is in an optimal state at the time of racing.

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Lobby settings: If you are unsure about the lobby settings that will be used for the race, look here.

No-shows: If you are unable to attend the race, please inform the League Coordinator and leave a post in this thread BEFORE the race takes place. Note the rules of participation here.

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Aug 11, 2016
Not really sure why codemasters didn't ghost my AI car. Apologies to anyone it effected, albeit not exactly my fault.

Lost FFB and was unsafe to drive. Tried restarting my wheel a few times but didn't fix.

Pretty gutting as I was in a very good position with no penalties and a pretty much guaranteed P2 on track.


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Jan 14, 2014
Yeah, well another race where I DNF and again nothing I could do again.
I was having good pace and with no penalties but then I see Demons AI and I thought: "OK, well this will be an easy overtake I guess".
But no because I was going round the outside on the last corner and the car completely smashed me into the wall, nothing I can do.

I kinda like the game but this things just completely ruins the experience.
I hope my last race in Brazil ( i won´t be able to run abu Dhabi) will be a race without this kind of incidents ( This is not the first time it happens).
Congrats to the podium !
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Nov 27, 2016
Went to set a banker lap when I noticed it started to rain... So much for it just being cloudy! Luckily it didn't seem to actually affect times though, so I carried on with my plan, finishing qualifying in P17 with a 1:15.066.

Started on the Supersofts in the hope that I'd be able to take them until the expected rain hit later in the race. Bit of a hectic start as I just narrowly missed the incident at T2 with @F1_Dan and @APeeeX_EU. Then @Alex Shield I think got caught out at T4 and went down the inside to avoid, but ended up hitting @TheogGR1 who I think then lit the rears up and went spinning across the road which I again only just managed to avoid. Then at T6 something happened with @ELIT3_gam3boy as he spun too. Saw my teammate was struggling so went for a move at T13, but someone behind also tried to make a move on me... So I ended up bumping my teammate a little bit as I got past as I finished the first lap in P13.

I was then able to pass one of the Williams after they started to battle each other, before I was then attacked and overtaken by both Red Bulls, one of which I got back later on. The rain did eventually arrive and I, as well as those ahead, seemed to struggle the most on Lap 17 which is when @Alex Shield and I both decided to pit. Once everyone had pitted, I found myself in P3!

I then had the huge task of trying to hold @FTR_SergiMtZ off! I was able to do it for so long but a few mistakes by me eventually led to the passing on Lap 32. During this long battle, we both pitted for Wets at the same time. I had expected everyone else to as well but those ahead didn't and never did... Unfortunately to my disappointment during the stint, Jeff did let me know that the Inters and Wets were performing at the same level... But I hoped with tyre wear, I'd at least be able to get them at the end but alas, it didn't happen. However thanks to some incidents in the last few laps, I was able to cross the line in P4! But then due to penalties, dropped to P5...

So in the end, a great race with my best finishing position of the season! Looking back, maybe I should have stayed on Inters but I was unsure about the tyre wear. I also question if I should have let Sergi through so he could battle them ahead to let me get closer. Ah well, still happy that I got my best finishing position of the season. =)