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PC Round 19 - Mexican Grand Prix [10/03/2019]


Formula 4 Test Driver
Aug 6, 2018
Apologies to @Jess95 I made a mistake to brake too much on lap 30 and I hit you. It was my fault.

@Radek11CZ we touched on lap 10 on turn 1, I had completely passed (you appeared full on mirrors and arrows were white), So I turned on the racing line and we touched, me left and you on the right. I moved to the left to not make the touch worse. Maybe you saw something different (lag, prediction code of the game). That is the only time I fell any touch with you.
On lap 2 you were racing with Crime behind me on the stadium and on lap 9 you overtook me cleanly.

On lap 27 I was behind @Cohen Blake and he started to jump all over the track, I had to go out of the track to avoid one of his jumps.