PC - Round 20 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix [18/02/18 8:00pm] | ApexOnlineRacing.com

PC Round 20 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix [18/02/18 8:00pm]

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Formula 4 1st Driver
Oct 3, 2017
Finally a Win!!!! I'm very very happy, I couldn't have closed this season in a better way. I felt very confortable yesterday even if I practiced almost zero. I had some good battles with @LolFish42 in the first 4 laps before he crashed. Then I had a quicker pace than the ones behind and collected almost 7 second from the 2nd. After the pitstop from the US to S I was behind @Rienk, who blocked me a lot and made me lose all the advantage on @Neil Bywater. Even if I lost a lot those were some very funny moments with @Rienk trying to pass him because he defended it very hard! Passed him I started again with my rly good pace and I gained again almost 6-7 sec on @Neil Bywater.

I really want to thank you all guys for this amazing experience!! I hope I've been a good, clean and honest racer. Hope I'll race again against you in the next championship!! Love you all <3
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