XB1 - Round 20 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - 18/03/18 - 20.00GMT | ApexOnlineRacing.com

XB1 Round 20 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - 18/03/18 - 20.00GMT


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Dec 14, 2017
I now know how Verstappen felt at Singapore...

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(Also @Briggsy sorry for hitting you at the start and pushing you off slightly, you braked a lot earlier than I expected :p)

Managed to get a P8 which I was fairly happy with considering the accident.

Even though I joined the league late, it's been great racing with you guys!
Hopefully see you all in the next season :)
Lol, how do you think I felt on the right, just like you no where to go. Pretty unfortunate incident for the three of us.


Formula Karter
Apr 20, 2015
Yeah that’s fair enough and that’s why I apologised on the message above ?
which is good just try and keep your cool Ive lost mine a few times aswell just try to not be a dick about it and just avoid sending messages impulsively they’re always the once you regret.