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PC Round 3 - Bahrain Grand Prix [15/10/17 8:00pm]


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Sep 29, 2017
I was bored...

Boxen: 75
Jozzers: 48
Editstorm: 40
Douwe: 27
Intergal: 26
BasBB: 16
Kasi: 16
TRL Gravel: 15
ITM Racing: 10
Jonnard: 10
Levitik: 6
Biolite: 6
Sokecillo: 5
Menk: 2
Etazin: 1
Jess: 0
HeadSquid: 0
Aspergernerd: 0
Bruinman: 0
Dylan: 0


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Apr 22, 2014
Right then guys and girls, the standings have been updated...

It's nice to be back home :)
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Formula 4 2nd Driver
Apr 22, 2014
So, Bahrain, zero practice until an hour before and I couldn't get that downhill left hander right :(... anyway on to the race

It was a tight grid between us all and I had a terrible getaway from the lights, for some reason shifting up to 3rd gear before barely moving left @gameguy nl with a solid chance of passing me, I kind of knew it was coming and left enough room for an excitable lunge down the inside. I think he caught @boxen a touch but I managed to tiptoe through it and find myself in the familiar place in the opening laps, staring at boxen's gearbox as it got slowly smaller in the distance.

I struggled a bit on the tyres and was losing massive chunks of time around back of the circuit, I must have been taking a questionable line through a few turns as I was losing any time I was gaining on the car behind from the first sector. In the end I settled for 3 stops as I hadn't enough running (or any at all) on the mediums and wasn't sure they would have lasted to the end anyway. Just about scraped 4th and was happy to have kept that after a harsh penalty almost lost me that too.

With regards to the Turn 1 coming together, I think my poor start gave gameguy every right to have a pop; but we have all done reasonably well into the first few turns and I'd like to think we are improving together in each race, so lets keep on the upward trend and not let familiarity breed anything other than good close racing.

Congratulations again to @boxen who despite saying he'd go easy on us still managed the hatrick, well done. (y) Well done to @EditedStorm27 and his 2nd and @Douwe_C and his 3rd, both on the podium for the first time.

@Douwe_C I'm sure we touched a few times but from my angle it was close racing and nothing more, when my tyres gave up and there became a chance I'd either become a liability or run out of talent I backed out of it, I hope you share that view if not and I was sh1t please let me know. :nailbiting:

I hope you're enjoying the break and be raring to go in Russia next weekend.

Also congrats to @AspergerNerd how you do it on a keyboard is beyond me.


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Nov 30, 2016
Yes, it was I on the WTF1 video, and going round with a keyboard is... fun. Just glad it's not a full race length else I'd get RSI! XD

Also I did record the entire race so I'll put that info out there. Might make it into a YouTube video. Thinking: "WORST LEAGUE RACER EVER" or some other clickbaity nonsense.
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