PS4 Round 3 - Vietnam Grand Prix - [20/09/2020 8PM UK]


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Apr 4, 2015
Was lucky to put in a very good banker lap in qualifying that bailed me out for two unsuccessful attempts after it. Extremely happy with pole and managed to pull away massively at the start. I did a race lap I'd never even come close to in practice (1:18.6) which helped me break DRS before it was available and was helped by what seemed like quite a close battle for 2nd. Managed to get 6 seconds on P2 before pitting for Hards which at the time I wasn't sure was the right move. Luckily it was, and nobody brought out a safety car, so I could extend my lead at the start of the stint little by little and then cruise home for the final few laps still terrified at the prospect of clipping a wing somewhere.

My race highlights and McLaren team radio:

Oh so you're the one that cursed my race.

Thanks bud.
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