PS4 - Round 4 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix [04/11/18 8PM UK] |

PS4 Round 4 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix [04/11/18 8PM UK]


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Aug 2, 2016
What's your thoughts on this one drivers? Do we expect a lot of action and a close finish like the esport series race the other week?
Baku is probably the most interesting track due to its massive main straight combined with the twisty castle section. Last season, my pace here was pretty good but unfortunately a disconnection right after lap 1 hindered me much, still I got 1 point. As stragedy, it should be a - not so easy - one stop from us to s. Rain can of course spice things up especially on a street track but I do hope it stays dry.
What I´ve learned from the first three races is, that I need to practice qualifying even more as my one lap pace isn´t really the fascinating and in such a tight field, every position you start further ahead can mean soo much.
I´m still not confident I can do a good qualy session and I just see what happens. Usually my race pace is quite good and with some cheeky late braking here and there maybe some positions can be gained throughout the race.

Well then, good luck to everyone, make it a exciting race for our lonely commentator so it doesn´t get dull ;)


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Nov 5, 2017
Q: P3

Was quite challenging to nail a good lap in the session, so I was more than happy with P3

R: P1
Wow.. 2 hours before the race I actually wanted to continue playing COD as I often got disconnects last days and also my FFB issue is due to that poor connection I think.. But then I decided to do some laps and ask Eagle for a setup, which helped a lot ;) Surprisingly my connection and FFB stayed stable the whole race. I only wanted to try to survive and get some points to keep the championship open actually but somehow my pace was competitive immediately and I felt quite comfortable with the setup.
In the end a lot of incidents, broken wings and an almost clean race made even my first win possible :D
Finally enjoyed a race and looking forward to Spain.



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F1 Coordinator
Mar 30, 2018
Baku Bounceback

Qualifying Position: 14th
Finishing Position: 4th

Having bottled China before the break, I'm glad to have had a good result from Baku which I count as one of my strongest tracks. I had slight concerns of my pace in both practice and qualifying but when it came to race pace, I was back to doing my best on the track.

I knew I would be struggling to manage a US-S strategy in the race so I took the Supersofts in qualifying for a few runs. Couldn't really pull a good lap although my last effort was alright even with @dawidos_1150 slightly blocking me in the last corner, maybe cost me a tenth or two. Doesn't matter in the end though as I was well outside the top 10 anyway.

In hopes of a possible Safety Car in some stage of the race, I took the Softs for my first stint. Start was alright, didn't really want to even attempt overtaking anyone because it's incredibly important to avoid damage. So I held my position and from there on, I tried to keep up with the Supersoft runners in front of me as I best as I could.

Lap 4 Safety Car threw a spanner in the works though and I was a bit unhappy with the timing as it allowed the top 10 to have a free pit stop while I had to stay out to maintain my strategy. The only positive I could take from it was that I was P1 after everyone pitted in front of me.

Safety Car restart was something I hadn't really done before, especially in the lead of the race. I could have done some Hamilton-esque tricks behind the SC but decided to think better of it and not cause any problems for those behind me. I was able to pull away in the lead with @VG_HAMILTON behind me holding up those drivers who had already pitted.

In fact, I had great pace right after the restart and after CSR_Hamilton and @leefindlay04 were involved in an incident shortly after, I was able to have a 6 second lead. Things were suddenly looking good, but I made a mistake into turn 15 and just slightly tapped the wall which resulted in yellow front wing. It wasn't all that bad but right after that @McGrady-I was able to close in on me rapidly and I knew I simply had to nurse the car until the pit window.

On lap 15, I was pleased to have had the pace to keep the pace up enough that I hadn't lost the lead yet and could come into pits safely. I changed the front wing, put on the Supersofts and exited the pits in P10. With 10 laps left, I was certain I could gain places as I had a great feeling with the car.

Lap by lap, I was having a good time on the track with a lot of confidence in my ability to drive a car properly again. I set up my few overtakes on the second DRS straight where the drivers in front of me couldn't really do anything to defend their position with my speed advantage.

In the end, I was able to find myself in P5 some seconds behind @Casper24-F1 who was too far for me to catch. However, with possible penalties to be added, I still pushed the last few laps which was the right call as @dawidos_1150 had some time penalties which promoted me to P4 in the final results.

Overall, a decent race although I'm ruing my slight mistake that damaged my front wing and hampered my ambitions for a podium. Still, I guess almost everyone had something going wrong in the race so I'm lucky to have had so little chaos around me.

Congrats to @McGrady-I for the race win and @xTheHEaglex, @Casper24-F1 for the podium finish. All signs indicate this will be an epic season in F2 and I honestly can't tell who will be winning the next race either! Spain should be a good one, see you there!