PS4 - Round 4 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix [4/11/18 8:00 PM U.K.] |

PS4 Round 4 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix [4/11/18 8:00 PM U.K.]


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Aug 24, 2016
Was in a comfortable 4th when i disconnected.. Rejoined asap and the game let me take control of the car after the turning and braking point for the castle section.. so I ended up in the wall and poor @Mikkel Sørensen who was right behind me got collected and his race ended.. sorry mate :(
Was in 11th after that but out of frustration I destroyed my car before the finish line.

@ELIT3_gam3boy The whole session you had that red cross over your car from my pov. Your car blocked me in qualifying. In the race I had to pass your car and it was going very slowly, even said that you were P4 and I was P5 when I overtook "you". Think it was lap 20 or something
Ok, so we were desynced from each other, because I passed your car like four times during the race?


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Apr 14, 2016
That was ridiculous, thanks for the footage, ruined my race totally
And i was really trying to keep it clean in those first 3-4 laps...i even lost positions just so i don't get the damaged fw or retirement...and then this happens.



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Mar 2, 2017
Quali P5:

Not too bad of a lap, gone a couple tenths quicker in practice but I’ll take it.

Race P3:

Okay start and managed to keep up with the other super soft runners, then the safety car came out and decided to stay out, saw @Guiggs pit and I thought he made the right decision at the time. On the restart it was 3 wide going into turn two with @TheogGR1, @F1_Dan and me and it somehow didn’t end in chaos.

I was the last to pit out of the front super soft pack and at the time I thought I lost a considerable amount of time because there was no grip left whatsoever. But, I still managed to stay ahead of most of them.

On the vsc restart I completely bottled it into turn one, I ended up going straight on and losing 2 places. No idea what I was thinking at the time but I was so mad with myself as it potentially would’ve cost me my first win in AOR. See below the absolute shambles.

Anyway onto Spain, a much easier and nicer track to drive!


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Nov 27, 2016
Hardly did any practice for this race due to the release of Red Dead Redemption 2. I didn't give much thought into the strategy but I knew Ultrasofts to Softs worked, so I just went with that. Set my first timed lap of a 1:38.367, while I watched people abandon their laps. I expected some to do Supersofts to Softs but I don't think I was expecting so many.

Went out for my second lap and only improved by 0.052 seconds, before setting my final lap of a 1:37.980. Placing me in P2 just behind @Sean B! I know I only got P2 because of others doing the alternate strategy, but it's about the only way I'm going to get a decent result, so I'm taking it! :LOL:

Got an excellent start to take the lead into T1! Looked behind after the fast chicanes to see @Sean B I think hit the wall! Who then pitted straight away, so I assume did hit the wall and got damage. I was then hoping to take advantage of that and build a gap to the new 2nd place but then the Safety Car came out. It's been a very long time since I've been behind the Safety Car, let alone leading the pack! So I hope I remembered and did everything right haha.

Tried a quick getaway on the restart but I think I may have gone too early myself. Then again with the long straight, there's not too much you can do I suppose. Either way, @F1_Dan got a run on me and went for the move. I received a bump but nothing major and was able to remain in the lead. Lap 6 and I was questioning if I should stick to the pit plan or stay out a bit longer due to the Safety Car. Regardless the decision was made for me, as I lost the rear and bloody went and hit the wall in the fast chicane! I then had to remain slow as I sorted out my tyre change as the game was going to put me on Supersofts! I didn't have time to change the wing repair option to yes but thankfully it got changed.

Came back out in P14 and just tried my best to try and recover something from it. Managed to make up places from those making their planned stops or due to damage and those who crashed out. Eventually the VSC came out and when gone, I realised I was a bit behind on my delta so I lost some time. Meanwhile @DemoN was behind me and had a go into T1 but went too deep, allowing me to remain in P10. Found myself in P9 a little later with @Sean B and @Guiggs right behind me. I was really trying to hold onto a points position as much as I could but expected the inevitable. Then luckily for me, they made contact at T6! Where I think Sean received damage again. After that I just tried to bring the car home, managed to avoid @Mikkel Sørensen crashed car at the Castle section at one point. I was even just cruising towards to the end so I didn't accidentally hit any walls haha! In the end I managed to finally finish in the points this season with P8!

So I enjoyed the race I guess, was nice to be out at the front even if it wasn't that legit haha. Shame I damaged the car as I thought my strategy was actually going okay. Ah well, onto the next one! Hopefully get some more points. =)


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Aug 24, 2016
I'll be honest, I expected nothing from this race considering I've been sick since China and haven't felt like practicing. Coming home in P6 with decent pace for my strategy is a welcomed change to the first three races so I'm very happy with my race.
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Aug 11, 2016
Awful race. PB in quali was a 37.2 on SS so to come away with a 38.5 is a little embarrassing. First lap or so was very chaotic. Everyone was driving very aggressively and begging for an incident really. Lost a number of positions by ensuring I took no damage. Ended up on the what would've been the winning strategy in a great place to win with very good pace, but was completely deprived of that through an incident which was not my fault.

I knew after that that 20 laps on the supers wouldn't get me points so instead decided to push like a stabbed rat and do another stop to try get points. I had really really good pace but having to push so hard at a track like Baku was begging an incident, which came. My fastest lap was in the 38s which shows what sort of pace I should've been able to deliver here. Feel very hard done by to lose the championship lead and the swing this has caused, but it's a long season.


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Jul 9, 2018

I bottled my SS lap went deep in the middle sector and lost 0.6 compared to everyone else so I was a bit frustrated there, messages popping up all qualifying didn't help either @Alex Shield


Missed my brake board at the start luckily I only got damage from that. Decided to put S tyres on behind the safety car and go to the end but ended up battling on 7/8 lap older tyres so that was a bad choice hopefully I have a better race at Spain.

Sean B

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May 6, 2015
@FTR_SergiMtZ please explain to me why you were on the track in qualifying?

You had a qualifying ban

Then sat slowly on the racing line into T3 and caused me to crash

Quali: P1

I could have gone a lot quicker and was happy with my strat which would have left me with a chance of a win.

Race: DNF

Lost the lead into T1 after I lit up the rears, then towards the end of the lap whilst following @SolidNinjaSnake I got an almighty snap of oversteer and clattered the wall forcing an early pit stop.

Tried to continue with my two stop on SS tyres which was aided by the safety car, then at the restart due to @Alex Shield 's complete inability to understand what a braking point is he caused the pile up at T1 which resulted in @DemoN swerving (rightfully) to avoid and giving me more damage - another pit stop.

Put on ANOTHER set of SS and focused on getting in the points until @Guiggs made a daft move through the chicane at the end of S1 and drove me straight into a wall nose first.

ANOTHER pit stop for S tyres left me just ahead of the leaders on track, and with another clip of the wall at Castle spinning me around I just focused on getting back to the pits to retire.

All in all the standards weren't bad - however someone really needs to reign in @Alex Shield before he causes even more carnage, he made another move on me half way through the race that I had to back out of or he'd have wiped me out, as evidenced from the fact that he ended up the full way down the escape road at T3.
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Sean B

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May 6, 2015
I do, moved house yesterday so I haven't unpacked the PS4 yet - I'll upload it tonight

Alex Shield

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Mar 27, 2018
As I had default setup all race because of internet issues. I just jumped into the race. I had 312 km maximum topspeed I could brake later on the straights.
And I didn't touch you. So why complain about it? we were racing as 14th and 15th half the track behind the other guys