PS4 - Round 4 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix - Sunday 4th November 2018 8:00pm (UK time) |

PS4 Round 4 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix - Sunday 4th November 2018 8:00pm (UK time)


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Feb 18, 2017
Q - 14 - Was speaking to @Mattcarpenter23 about where we wanted to start the grid on this tracks we both felt lap 1 would have a few incidents and with the ultras only lasting a few laps we felt a SS - S would be the quickest strategy around here. We either wanted to be at the front of the grid or at the back of the grid, did not think I would be quick enough to get on the front couple of grids so put in a lap to see how the car felt and ended in 14.

R - 9 - Absolute cluster on the first lap, everyone seemed to get round turn 1 fine but for the sharper turn 2 thats when the chaos happened, seemed like @Macca- out broke himself and went into @Booje89 unluckily ending his race and from there on the incident had a knock on effect with everyone else, some picking up damage, others picking up illegal overtakes meaning they had to back off the throttle, going into turn 7 I think it was my car froze on the apex all of a sudden and would not let me accelerate or do anything for a couple of seconds, from this I think @Rolfnaldo went into the back of me as he had no where to go damaging his front wing, I'm not sure if it affected anyone else, but I am sorry to everyone involved, seen the glitch happen like this before on F1 2018 but the first time I've seen it on this game, hope it doesn't happen again, was wondering what happened when it did, literally the car just stopped and I was unable to do anything for 2/3 seconds.

Still on lap 1 @Carcanon went out of the race bring the VSC out and a few cars took this time to pit for damage or alternative strategy, this put me into 3rd position and @Mattcarpenter23 moved into 4th, was looking good for the Renaults. VSC went in and I got a little loose round one of the corners before the castle section so let @Mattcarpenter23 through and I was feeling comfortable in 4th position but 1 lap later going down the hill to left hander I got on the curb and it threw me into the barrier meaning I would have to stop for a new nose.

Came out of the pits 2nd from last and then again a few laps later lacking concentration I bumped both the left and right side of the castle section meaning I would have to pit again, pitted and from there I was just going around by myself and finished in 9th place. Feel like I could've done so much better, top 5 along with @Mattcarpenter23


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Aug 22, 2016
1. 3 Races down, how do you rate your performance so far?
Actually 4 now! Well second in the championship I am totally happy (and a little surprised)
2. Are title challengers starting to emerge?
I think 2nd to 6th place could be anyone’s at this point but my money is on @Carcanon for the title.
3. Will you make it round Baku without any damage?
Erm, no, I didn’t, had 2 new wings
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Jan 6, 2015
Q 18
R 3

A disaster in qualifying left me sat in 18th on the grid. I managed to bury her into the far wall @ T1 in qually which ended my session, didn't even complete a lap.

So onto the race and had an OK get away but lost a place to @JvNiemi as I slowed to avoid any nonsense in T1 where @JvNiemi managed to outbreak himself so got that place back. Little did I know it was all about to kick off in T2. Car are all over the place and I'm trying to avoid contact and god only knows how I did although was picked up for illegal overtake. Seriously I would have had done and emergency stop going into T2 to avoid this, I get through and slow to try to let the cars back through who I'd passed but they were no where to be seen. I slow but there is nothing I can do so have to take that penalty which cost me a place in the race in the end. But that's first lap racing for you, at least I managed to get through without any damage and was now running 14 so had gained 4 places. @Macca- loses it a few corners later so up to 13th, and so does @JvNiemi putting me 12th. There is a VSC before we complete the first lap and @OasisFan95 is at the side of the road, @Zolaaman, @Rolfnaldo and @syluntbob all pit so that me up 11 places to 7th as we close out the first lap. Wow, that's crazy.
@Musop has a problem on lap 3 as I'm trying to work out if I can pass @pete day following closely behind so am now in 6th then **** me @HoinkDoink also has a problem 2 corners later and getting the tow on @pete day down the pit straight I'm now running 3rd after stating 18th only 3 laps in the race. Incredible. Only I can screw this up now, and I do :-(
@milanozie pits on lap 7 and I just squeeze past into 2nd although he has pitted. I manage to stay in front a couple of laps but am done good and proper by him on lap 9, still happy with the 3rd position thoughts we go into the 2nd phase of the race. I have no idea on when to pit as started on fresh softs.
Lap 10 and @Bashful4 puts a good move up me going into the final tight corner before the final long straight but I get the tow down the straight and retake the position.
Then I make one of my few mistakes by over cooking it into T1 and end up on the run off road. Arrghhhh. I drop 3 places as @Bashful4 @pete day & @Zolaaman pass me and I'm down to 6th. So much concentration needed here and if you do get a tow down that pit straight you really need to break a lot early than the few meters early I anticipated.
@Zolaaman pits on lap 13 so now unto 5th but come in myself the following lap to change to the SS tyres. I exit in 10th so still in the points and considering where I started and reasonably happy with the race so far apart from outbreaking myself in T1.
10 laps out and its hitting a stalemate. Slowly dropping behind @jlug331221 who's in front of me but as @HoinkDoink is some 40 seconds behind me I'm just thinking of keeping it out the walls for the last 10 laps.
Lap 20, 7 to go and @Rolfnaldo pits so that 9th and I'm really starting to pull in @jlug331221 as @syluntbob hits the run off at T3 so and now 8th and as @Mattcarpenter23 pits that 3 places up on the lap to 7th. I'm really homing in on @jlug331221 now with 6 to go and by lap 23 there are 4 of us vitally in a line, myself at the back of the queue in 7th, @jlug331221 @Zolaaman and @pete day `I think in 4th. Man the adrenalin is starting to pump now with only just over 3 laps left.
The end of lap 23 is pure classic, we are three wide going down the pit staring, Myself, @jlug331221 and @Zolaaman and I make one of the best ever moves I made on AOR and manage to take two places in one move up to 5th, man was that exciting :) obviously my tyres are much fresher than those around me and I'm making them really work these last few laps.
3 to go and am now 5th behind @pete day and with just 2 lap on lap 25 I am literally climbing over his gear box. I get nicely tucked in as we enter the last straight and man it's close bu the time we get to the end but I just manage to out break him and move unto 4th and am now unbelievalby right behind @Renner9 who's 3rd. Oh my god, I've never had a podium that I can remember and we are into the last lap. its clear @Renner9 has no grip and I'm having to be really careful not to tap his rear end then he over cooks it into the inoccuous T4 and nearly loses it into the wall and I get past to get what I believe is my first ever podium.
So after losing a wheel @ T1 on my qually lap and starting from the back I'm pretty chuffed to bits with the result.

Definitely worth watching the last 3 laps of this vid, was a crazy finish making 4 places :)

Now onto Espana :)