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PC Round 4 - Russian Grand Prix [05/11/17 - 8pm]

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Jun 19, 2017
Q- P4: All in all, I wasn't too ashamed with it. I looked and saw the race would be dry, so I put my dry setup on. My 47.7 in TT was done on a completely different setup, and 85% brake pressure in the rain isn't fun :banghead:. I knew I had a good chance to get somewhere as I knew @_hN and I were around the same pace and that @sigro hadn't done much practice.

R- P1: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!! That did feel like a slightly cheaty way to get my first AOR win, but i'll take it. Down into T2, I didn't actually mean to go for @sigro under braking, but with his lack of practice he braked very early and I had nowhwere else to go. @_hN must've melted his tyres in the first half of each stint because after about the halfway mark he just was just sliding the car everywhere. I tried to undercut him by a lap, got slightly held up behind @SuoBBis (It's fine tho) and came out practically side by side with @_hN into T2, where to me it looked like he tried to barge me out the way, and then he tried sqeezing me into the inside wall at T3 (Unsuccessfully), and then tried squeezing @Desmond0313 into the wall, successfully (From my POV). After that, I looked at the race director at around Lap 20, saw @_hN had 1 more penalty than I did, then just cruised home not getting anymore warnings to take an easy P1.

I would also show you my VOD, but YouTube is a c*ck. No it's not just so I can't show you my track limits :p

Grats to both @N1kmido and @_hN for the podium. Onto Spain I guess.

@sigro's internet dying was just some Aravaa style script to make the championship closer :angelic:
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Jul 28, 2017
Sorry guys for some odd reason I've fallen asleep after I took some breakfast 2,5 hours before the race.


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Aug 11, 2016
Does anyone have the results from quali/race? :)