PS4 - Round 4 - Russian Grand Prix (November 5th) |

PS4 Round 4 - Russian Grand Prix (November 5th)


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Aug 21, 2017
Crazy race. Had multiple broken wings and some contact. Still pushed hard to salvage something out of it. Shout out to @Synergertyc and @Big-Kid-Daddy. Thanks for waiting and letting me through. Both incidents were really iffy of whom to blame.
P.S @Big-Kid-Daddy we totally had ocon-perez crash at spa lol. I did not see those darn barriers until it was too late.


AOR PS4 Ginetta G40 Jr Pro Champion
Jan 14, 2014
Well that was a bad 1st race for me.
Quail on my out lap I had a penalty for this and next lap which I think is unfair.
All week I was consistently doing times that would have got me in the top 5 but had to settle for p10 set on one lap only.

With the wrong setting for the session time it just wrecked my confidence and I couldn't get any speed in and out the corners, was being passed with ease ,
Few bumps and knocks here and there ,lost my wing on lap 2 so pitted and changed strategy and raced to the end to settle for p10.
Still a point for first race however I know I drive clean and consistent with accuracy so still scratching my head how I get the lap times .


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Sep 16, 2017
Quali - Got an off track during my first lap and my second lap was just so bad I gave up, so started 16th.

Race - The best bit of my race was the start, I had the jesus of all starts, 16th to 11th even before the kink. I then just began tyring to climb my way bakc up to a position I could have been in had I managed to not screw up quali. I passed a couple of cars and a couple had spins. I got up to 6th before my pitstop, but I got a speeding penalty on pit entry, I had slowed enough and got my pit limiter on but the car went back above the limit. Anyway the problem was when I got confused with the penalty, I wasn't sure if it was the one that got added at the end of the race or not so I pitted again just to play it safe. Turns out I didn't need to but I don't think it made much difference to my finishing position, maybe I'd have been one place higher had I stayed out but it is what it is. In the end I finished 6th which isn't too bad.



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Aug 10, 2017
Q : P15
More turns cut ... I hope this problem will get better ...

From the start I got put out by I do not know who ... great, in short I try to go back but much too much error because of nervousness, sorry for the drivers that I embarrassed or badly exceeded, I I let the position but I did not have fun after so I gave up at the stand, I hope it did not interfere



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Jan 13, 2014

If anyone wants to watch my race good luck because the highlight of it is my shambolic pit crew taking at least 5 seconds to realise that I am in the pit box needing new tyres.

Just want to mention the people who were lapped had no issues at all getting by hopefully I didnt hinder you guys too much

And does anybody else find that ghosted cars are very annoying.