PS4 - Round 5 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - [Wednesday 3rd January 2018 ] |

PS4 Round 5 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - [Wednesday 3rd January 2018 ]


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Oct 2, 2016
You guys started or what? Did not got a invite.
i sent you an invite mate at 7:55, noticed you were missing when i was doing the grid, had to search for your username as the usual host backed out and i had to do it.

I posted yesterday about everyone adding me on PSN.

Apologies regardless.

Zaid badawi

Formula 4 1st Driver
Sep 2, 2017
Lost my wing on lap 1, so I had to make an extra stop. I caught up and passed washy for second, but finished third due to penalties. Had it not been for my crash I'm sure I would have been able to pick up a win.


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Feb 21, 2015
The connection sort of ruined my race even before I got to turn one...
But hey, it has been a really enjoyable cup with you guys, I loved racing you and the challenge of learning to push a new car twice a week. I hope I get to race you again some time soon.
Massive congratulations to @ii_Deccaaaaa_ii on the championship, you really deserve this one :)
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