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XB1 Round 5 - Canadian Grand Prix


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Jun 8, 2014
Race highlights. @x PrO BiGGzY x thqt was a very late defending move on lap 6, please don't do it again
I wish i still had my footage cause i didnt put that on my race highlights, i moved over WAY earlier than that on my screen, that was lag
[DOUBLEPOST=1464946657][/DOUBLEPOST]When i moved over u were still miles back, still problems with online i see
[DOUBLEPOST=1464946876][/DOUBLEPOST]I had this problem a few leagues ago, @Rug you remember? I moved over too late on another mercedes and caused him to spin out and eventually into you, i think this is the same as that, shitty lag, cause i watched the footage before i deleted it, i moved over very early and was surprised when u nearly spun i was thinking "wut? Wut happened there"
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Aug 12, 2015
Ok no worries. Shame I didn't upload it earlier. It doesn't matter really. I don't think I would have caught Franglish anyway