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PC Round 5 - Spanish Grand Prix [12/11/17 8:00pm]

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Dazzy Oz

Formula 4 2nd Driver
May 9, 2014
Race was going well until @Dazzy Oz push me off the track at turn 2 and i spun losing some wing.
1+ sec slower per lap from then on + when it came to pit i had to wait for pit crew to be ready cause team mate took a wing change b4 me so was stationary for 15 seconds.
Inters i was catching the car infront then when it came to pit for wets i had to go an extra lap as my team mate was in front of me but i should have pit for fresh inters. oh well.
Very disappointing 9th
I said sorry for that in pm and said my nvidia would not record can you show your point of view as @Flirius replay don't show us.


Pro Karter
Sep 3, 2017
Was looking forward to a clean race (not taking damge in the first laps), had a pretty bad start because I was on the hard tyre, got overtaken by a few cars in turn one and two, then suddenly, I see @scotchtape20 in my mirrors. He looks pretty aggressive and overtakes me before turn 4, he was driving all over the place, pushing too hard, almost takes me out at turn 4 where he nearly clips the back of my car. He then procedes to turn 5 in front of me, locking up his front tyres trying to overtake a Mclaren I believe, again looking really aggressive. Coming to turn 6 and 7, he is really pushing to make a move on the Mclaren driver, he dives into turn 6, locking his front tyres once again. During the chicane, he goes too early on the throttle (too aggressive again) and my and @kostismv's races are over. @scotchtape20, could you please be more cautious and drink less redbull at the start of the race?
+1 to what PwVsVipeR said I was just minding my own business and suddenly a car in front of me is completely sideways in the middle of the track and just like that rip my wing and my race. @scotchtape20 pls be more careful in the future :)


Formula 3 Test Driver
Jun 25, 2017
Almost got rekt at the beginning of the race. Followed guys in front of me and ended losing my wing bcs of
scotchtape20's little spin. Had front wing damage and went into the pits. Didnt get a new wing so I had to pit once more. L8 almost lost it in T7. In terms of pace, I was able to follow speedz (was lapped in L8) but I was too far from everybody.

ps. SC would save the day if we had one



Premium Member
Premium Member
Jan 26, 2014
Well I took a few days to calm myself down because I have trouble getting accused of stuff that I don't think I deserve on this forum (happened in the past too), but after reviewing @PwVsVipeR footage and mine, although I don't agree 100% with my so-called "aggressiveness" (no visual brake locks happened on my screen) and pushing him in turn 4 (no contact on my screen), I did make a mistake going into turn 7-8 as I thought I could make a pass there. I gave as much room as I can, but I underestimated accelerating on the inside of that kink and lost the backend slightly and ruin mine and a couple of other people's race (@trumpa94 @kostismv and @PwVsVipeR that I know of) and for that, I apologize. I shall be more patient in the future when making overtakes and try to make them when it is acceptable to make them and not barge my way in. I always race clean and fair and always give room to the other driver I try to overtake (I don't trust the online lobby to position our cars in the same place I see it on my screen anyway). I'll be more careful and respectful to others, and I expect the same from others.

Quali didn't go as planned as I put my car in the wall coming out of the last corner to start my 2nd quali attempt. As for my race, I broke part of my front wing on that first lap incident, which made my car very understeery for the first stint. I replaced my front wing on the first stop and when I came out, the driver in front of me (@kaneshka.gupta or @Lewis Samilton I don't remember) mistakenly put on inters when it was still dry. That made him very slow and going into turn 3 on the first lap of my second stint, I tried to overtake him on the outside but I got to close and broke part of my front wing again on his tyre! A stupid mistake of mine unfortunately. The rest of the race was just to bring it home and hope for some other incidents in front of me to happen so I could finish in the points, but it didn't happen. 12th is not something I want to remember.

I also want to point out @PwVsVipeR we don't see the whole length of your footage, but it looks like you're about to rage-quit at the end and this is strictly prohibited in the rules (Rule 3.4.1). I know I ultimately ruined your race, but even though it sucks, we have to complete the race. I ruined mine too and still finish it. Only a disconnection, terminal crash or emergency are allowed for reasons to quit the race.