PS4 Round 6 - Spanish Grand Prix - [11/10/2020 8PM UK]


Formula 3 Test Driver
Nov 17, 2017

Q: P3 Did a PB although still lost a little through Turn 9 and could've had P2 on a perfect lap

R: P7 The most frustrated I've ever been at a race in my life. Genuinely convinced without one bit of very very stubborn traffic I had a strong chance at the win!

Poor start but held P3 somehow and after @GTX_23x binned it at the end of lap 2 I was 2nd and roughly holding pace to @F1R-dennde09 in front. My tyre wear was always going to be a key factor in this race as I seemed to hold onto the tyres better than anyone else and just before Dennnde pit from the lead it was starting to show as the gap reduced. I went a lap longer and came out in traffic, ultimately from here everything that happened went against me and I lost initially time stuck behind and then position after position. Potentially my setup and definitely my weakest area of the track being the final chicane made overtaking a car even on much older hard tyres difficult at the best of times without him having DRS to a car in front half the time. With my lack of penalties and strong tyre wear looking at the gaps and the time I know I lost in the middle 10 laps of the race I really believe I would've been right there for the fight for the win if I'd had a clear 2nd stint


Semi-Pro Karter
Oct 24, 2019
Q : P2

Race : P13

Good qualif.

During the race, I lost my car in Turn 11th and I need to pit.

I wait a SC during the race, but it never comes. I think my pace was one of the best on this track, but if I want to perform, I need be stronger.

Gg to the winner and podium.

See u in Monaco, for a difficult race of course.