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XB1 Round 7 - Canadian Grand Prix [26/11/17 8:00pm]


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Dec 10, 2016
After a disaster in streets of Monaco I managed to take 5th place as a lot of people had got some kind of troubles during the race.

At the start got a massive desync which put me back to 15th place, luckily without any damage. Few laps later we had a close batlle with @ValiFusilli in the first sector, which was really challenging and enjoyable (if we consider that I always manage to have my own race without anyone near me lol).

Somehow was third, but I knew that I’d have to pit or save my tires and be really slow. As two guys were approaching very quickly, I decided to take fresh US and push. At that time of the race with 6 seconds of penalties I had to make a gap to @Neutralizer and DevineOne. Crossing the line 6.7 s ahead of them meant the second double-digit points of the season and setting our lead in Constructors to 14 points as @Meks Unseen unfortunately kissed the Wall of Champions way too much. (You should be one after the season then haha). Congrats to the podium finishers, you really deserved it tonight! Next one is Baku, so this is where the fun begins.
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Formula 3 Test Driver
Aug 23, 2017
This race was a total disaster from the off,

Crashed in Quali.

Got a good start from 15th off the grid and in to turn 1. God knows what happened in 2 and 3, probably because of the lag, ended up pointing in the wall.

Worked my way back up to 5th and was catching 4th and 3rd but then a few stupid mistakes saw me drop back down, if i was offered 8th after quali i'd probably taken it. As it turns out, I could have finished higher, aided by quite a few retirements this race :p