PS4 - Round 7 - Hungarian Grand Prix [27/05/2018 8PM UK] |

PS4 Round 7 - Hungarian Grand Prix [27/05/2018 8PM UK]

VSR Davidben

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Aug 13, 2017
Q: 17th. Crashed out in quali and only had a rubbish banker so I started last.

R: 12th. Dire to be honest. Some good battles here and there but the time lost behind @AOR Davidben and @vectro666 in the first stint ended my race. Added to the fact that I stayed out an extra lap on worn softs. However, the bottom line is that the pace just wasn't there. Onto Spa, a track which gave me my first AOR win but hasn't been kind to me since that day. We'll see how it goes...

Yeah sorry about that don, didn't realise i had front wing damage and that's why the car wouldn't turn, nothing was showing on the telemetry graphic but when I pitted and changed the wing on lap 30 I was flying again..albeit too late