PS4 - Round 8 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix |

PS4 Round 8 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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Formula Karter
Oct 30, 2014
Q: 1st
Only had time to nail a run in the last 2 minutes, was hoping I'd get in the mid 40s but the castle section can be tricky.

R: 3rd
I got away good and I had about a 13 second gap to 2nd but I got an orange wing on lap 13 but I was nursing it home. In the end I damaged my other wing and I had to pit with around 6 laps to go dropping to 3rd . Pushed till the end but my right front just gave up in the last two laps. Gutted to throw away the win but props to @joshualuke1993, looks like you had difficult one.


Premium Member
Premium Member
Apr 13, 2016
Q: 7th.

At the start @Marcos64DR came inside me. Back on track I had no grip and spinned. So I had to pit for a new front wing. In lap 18 I hit the wall and then I retired my car back in the pits.
Looking forward to Austria next sunday.