PS4 - Round 8 - European GP [4/12/16] 8pm GMT |

PS4 Round 8 - European GP [4/12/16] 8pm GMT

Marcus Lindblom

Formula 3 Reserve Driver
May 16, 2015
My race video, very happy with the result but not very happy with the process. Did everything I said to my self I shouldn´t do

Rib Ivey

Formula 4 2nd Driver
May 18, 2016
It was a good race for me in the end, consistency really paid off at this track!

A strategy call cost me the chance to battle for the lead at the end but congratulations to @Bcolli187 for the win. It was nice in the final few laps to try and push hard with the supersofts on!


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Oct 4, 2016
Sorry mate, clicked the wrong thumb, icons are to small on my bloody phone.

Was defo a tight strategy call, i wasnt really sure what to do either but when u pitted i just went with the opposite.

With my softs going off and you chasing me down on supers the rear end was getting loose and there was a few nervous moments for me.

Good race and im happy i managed to hold on and nick the win cos u had great pace and consistency round Baku


Premium Member
Premium Member
Aug 22, 2016

Qualified on Softs, happy with 11th, went out on Supers and was nearly 2 seconds up but bottled it as I wanted to 1 stop and start on new Softs.

Race started ok, had to run wide at turn 1 to avoid a sideways @Elite_sultan losind just a place, drove through the ghost of @Donks at the castle. Into the points and feeling the pressure! 2 more down, incident involving @Wimstradamus and @blake300892 see me rise up to 8th before I overtake @Joost on the main straight (4-3 wings!)

Lap 2 I catch up with @CragglesD and @Marcus Lindblom, held back as it looked likely to end in tears and bandages, it did, @Marcus Lindblom lost it allowing me up to p6, I take @CragglesD down the straight (4-3!)

I pitted lap 12 from 3rd as others had pitted a few laps earlier and come out in p6 on M tyres. Over the next 10 laps I find myself back in 3rd. Lap 21 I had at @Elite_sultan all over my gear box after catching me up at over a second a lap, no point fighting he's much quicker I ease off and let him though after the chicane only to realise @Malaske was right behind. Momentary lapse of concentration and I hit the castle chicane wall so back to the pits, grrr.

Got lapped and thought 7th was still good for me but @Malaske didnt make it so 6th it was!

Sorry to those who didn't make it, I know the feeling too well! Highlights vid will be posted in race video forum. Overall I had clean racing with everyone, cheers guys!
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F1 Senna Equivalent
Jan 22, 2014
Ah, I missed a great chance to get my first points thanks to so many crashes by others. But I fell apart in the last 10 laps!

Didn't get time to practice and failed to set a quali lap. But got a great start and avoided everyone else's crashes to rise to 5th.

Damaged my wing on lap 1 but I was keeping it together nicely till lap 8 when understeered into the last corner (the esses) and got a rear puncture. So had to pit for supersofts. Unfortunately I didn't capitalise with them when got another puncture on lap 11.

So back into the pits for softs and I was intending to go to the end on a 2 stop strategy. I was looking to be fighting for 8th or 9th place until I got into the second half and my concentration went and I kept getting more punctures and broken wings.

Even so, with 8 laps to go I was 10th with something like a 40s lead to 11th. But I crashed again. Pit. And again. Pit! So a total breakdown. No points!

Improving though, so perhaps Austria will be the race to finally score! :)