PS4 - Round 8 - French Grand Prix - Sunday 2nd December 2018 8:00PM (UK TIME) |

PS4 Round 8 - French Grand Prix - Sunday 2nd December 2018 8:00PM (UK TIME)

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Sep 13, 2018
Sorry guys but I’m going to miss this race. Good luck to everyone!
See you at the next track!


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Jan 15, 2014
Don't think i'll be back home on time to race tonight.
Send an invite, just in case i will.


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Aug 15, 2018
Q 15
R 5
Quail was awful knew I didn’t have the the one lap pace round here as I had no time in but knew a good strat for the race would be key.

Had a good start and made a few places up straight away me and noodle had a little coming together at turn 1 but no harm done to either cars. From there I started to settle down and catch the guys that started on the softs as that tyre was pretty awful for first few laps. Around lap 4-5 I had let noodle thru and shortly after @Carcanon. After that I was just waiting for the rain stretching my supers all the way was prob not the best idea I was losing time and they was around 75% luckily the rain came as I was in the final 3rd of the lap. After the pits I felt pretty quick on the inters until near the end when I started losing grip finished 5th due to time penalties but had a great race and a good battle with noodle.

Gratz to podium guys

pete day

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Jan 13, 2014
Qauli 5th on yellows but came out to do a flying lap on red and this happened grrrr
Here is qauli Race
congrats to the podium and unlucky to my teammate who was force off or hit off track on lap 7
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Jun 23, 2018
Q: P7
Got thrown out at the righthander at the end of the straight on my last warm up lap. I hit the kerb too much. So only p7 on the fastest compound of tyres.

R: P9
Got a pretty good start right from the back of @pete day into p5. As everyone behind me seemed to be much faster than me I felt like a stone on the track, I Got overtaken by a lot of cars but I guess I fighted for every position. So I got some good battles on the straight line. In Lap 4 me and @syluntbob got close together. As I was still in the best position of the season I tried to hold on. But in the end I squeezed him out. Sorry for that move. Don't know what happened to him after that. But he pitted on that lap.

I pitted on Lap 7 on supers and got out in front of @syluntbob. I could hold a constant distance of about 3s.

As the rain set in I pitted and got out at the back of @HoinkDoink. As he seemed to have some struggles in the rainy conditions especially in the slow parts of the track I went for the move at the end of the straight. He tried to hold on and we both get together. Im sure I did not hit him but it looked like that. Mb @HoinkDoink you can give me a hint what it looked like on your screen.

@Bashful4 @syluntbob overtook us as I waited for @HoinkDoink to make a fair overtake. I got @HoinkDoink on the next laped. And pretty much cruised until the end of the race.
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Sep 5, 2018

Congrats to my teammate @Rolfnaldo and his first win. And to the other podium guys as well.

To the qualify i get a better time 1:30.640 than on my pratices so i was pretty happy with that time that got me the pole has some of other racers choose a diferente tyre strategy. The first's qualy laps i got off track so i only managed to take a good time more to the end.

Starting the race in pole was great, i thought that i could come in the top 3 because i knew from the start that at least @pete day was faster than me when we race in a social before. So despite the pole i knew that this track wasnt for me to win.

Anyway, i started pretty good has i could hold on the P1 position for the first corner, then for the next few laps has i was on the US i keep holding a 3 sec advantage from @Renner9 and @Alexp89tm, in lap 5 that advantage started to came down has my US started to get burned. I keept my tyres until the end of lap 8 when i pit in P2.

I came out of the pits in P10 with my SS, then in Lap 16 i was in P4 behind @Carcanon when started to rain and were i made the huge mistake that endup ruin my race. All my fault. In that lap 16,has started to rain, i was moving to the pit to change for Inters when Jeff told me that the if we change for Inters now we will get slower and burn the Inters, so when i was already in the pit entrace, i hit the throttle and was trying on more lap in SS. Bad decision has i started to span in the corners. Everyone passed me on that lap 17, and i pit for Inters. Came out of the pit in P12, when we are just 13 racers at this moment i think. On the wet i was struggling and endep in P7 in front of @Carcanon because of his Penaltys.

Stupid decision from me that cost me a lot of points has @Carcanon also struggle in this race, but this is racing, bad decisions, bad luck or else happens to everyone.

My race video

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Aug 3, 2018
Strangest crash I've had... I honestly don't understand how I lost grip here.
Never happend in any of the practice races with the exact same setup and strategy...

Too bad, was in a really good position :-(



Formula 4 1st Driver
Sep 5, 2018
Strangest crash I've had... I honestly don't understand how I lost grip here.
Never happend in any of the practice races with the exact same setup and strategy...

Too bad, was in a really good position :-(

Yep, that's strange. Unlucky.


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Sep 12, 2018
Wow First win ....
Started from 12 and knowing the rain would come at some Point i Picked the Softs on which i felt pretty confident anyways and just Tried to get them to the rain.... came out 10th After the First lap and tried to settle in ... got caught up behind 3 Others including @pete day pretty fast But was i able to Jump all of the three in one Single corner with a Bit of luck

Next up was @milanozie who Seemed to lose some grip on the ss.... seeing your Video you might have caught some Bad air from my slipstream there ... that could have caused the slide?!

After that everyone in Front of me went in to pit which allowed me to get to p1 .... had a nice Battle with @pete day from there on Till the rain ... my Setup was a lot Slower on the straights and he might have been a Little Bit faster overall and Passed me ... But When the rain came on i overtook him again and he Spun out .... switching on inters i had 11 Seconds and just tried to cruise Control it Home Last 9 laps ... and was Even able to push the gap to 17-18 seconds till the end .... rain Seems to be good for me seeing China and now France

So much fun ... red Bull going Strong @Bashful4


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Feb 18, 2017
Congrats to @Rolfnaldo on your first win, great drive mate :)
Well done to @jlug331221 and @Renner9 on the podium positions :)

2nd Race on the wheel and never touched the wet so decided to put on a wet set up, was not risky the dry set up with no experience in the wet on the wheel.
I noticed the pace difference straight away with my high wings but was just trying to put in consistent laps, me and @Mattcarpenter23 decided to start on the supers as we thought the rain would come much quicker than it did, but it felt forever until the rain started falling, we were both on very worn tyres trying to nurse the car around. @Mattcarpenter23 managed to pit with no problems but on the final corner, the lap I was going to pit for inters, I spun me car, think I just got on the accelerator a bit to quick, still very new the wheel and first laps in the wet I had no idea what I was doing.

Managed to finally pit and tried to take it easy just to get use to wet conditions on the wheel. Had @Musop closing in on me and into the chicane on the long straight I think my braking early took him a little by surprise and contact was made, I spun around and damaged my front wing on his car as I was spinning, hope no damage was caused to his car, he is an absolute gentleman as he did wait for me to go back passed him and a few laps later he got back pass.

Was speaking to matt during the race and was saying how difficult it was to race in the wait, let alone with a red front wing, I wanted to pit but points were on offer, so I managed to drag the car home and finish in 10th position while @Mattcarpenter23 finished in 5th, so good team points for us :)

Happy with the race though, learning the wheel as a I go, first laps in the wet, 10 of them with a red front wing so all experience is good :)

See you all in Austria :)


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Dec 8, 2017
Strangest crash I've had... I honestly don't understand how I lost grip here.
Never happend in any of the practice races with the exact same setup and strategy...

Too bad, was in a really good position :-(

Taking the corner too sharp. I've lost it there a few times when I did my practice. That was also the point that I spun on the intermediates.
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