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PC Round 9 - Austrian Grand Prix [10/12/2017]


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Oct 4, 2017

Not a great start to my league racing adventure. I was kinda nervous, took too big of a risk at the start and lost it when we went off.


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Dec 31, 2016
Driving out from the pit lane I started warming up on my cold Ultrasoft Tyres. I had great pace in both Sector 1 and Sector 2, but sadly I bottled it at the last turn, which meant I had to make another run with fresh tyres.

I managed to qualify in P4 with the time of: 1.06:511

Austria isn't my favourite track. Especially when you've only practised for 15-20 minutes.

Lap 1 I got a great start on the start/finish-straight and was side-by-side with P3. About 20 meters before Turn 1, @Jipper came right next to me (like a torpedo..) due to locking his brakes. My front wing got damaged and went from P4 to P5.

After 8 laps of driving with a yellow front wing, I was right behind @Ronnin1978, but I made small contact which destroyed my front wing even more. At this point I was pissed, I had a great opportunity of getting a podium - but it was way fare away.

At lap 10 I made my first and only pit stop (I was going for a 1-stop) on to the Super-Soft Tyres, falling down the order to P9.

Finally! I have fresh tyres and a new front wing. It's time to push!

On Lap 17 I made one of my greatest overtakes in this leagues. Overtaking both @Jipper and @Cheeese, who has been battling for the entire lap.
(Check out @Jipper's video in the bottom of the post, at 37:00). I wasn't one of my cleanest overtake, cause I pushed @Jipper a bit wide.

I was planning to do a 1-stop around Austria, but at lap 27 I made another pit stop for the Ultrasoft tyres.
@Scott_Aitchison was only 4.8 seconds in front of me on old Supersoft. The podium was nearly in my hands!

After a few laps of catching @Scott_Aitchison I made a sweet move (just like Vettel did on Bottas at Spain) and got myself into P3.

(Go to 37:00 minutes)


Podium - P3

This is one of my greatest results. After been in a few collisions that destroyed my race at the start, I made a great comeback with an alternative strategy. Congratulations to @Lamp for another victory and a great result for our debut driver @Indigo, and also a big applause for my teammate @TwoFiftySix for his third P2 this season.

After Sauber has just been 4 points behind Haas. We have now overtaken Haas in the Constructors Standings with our excellent results today!
#SauberIsOnTop (..which is unrealistic)

+ a big "shoutout" to @Jipper (cause I stole his video for my post, without getting permission. Tihi)

Looking forward for the legendary Grand Prix next week: The British Grand Prix is up next!


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Jun 27, 2015
Q- 3rd
R -4th

Really happy with my qualifying today, was almost a perfect lep from me. Race start didn't go too well, I think I was 4 wide going into turn 1 and that was never going to work, after that I was 8th. On lap 5 I made my only mistake and half spun out of turn 2, causing me to lose a part of my front wing, I decided to change to a 2 stop and run 2 sets of super softs. After this, I lapped consistently and slowly made up places, I had a good battle with @Ronnin1978 and made a good overtake. My POV is below:



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Jan 14, 2014
That race was just one big disappointment.

Qualy: P12
About where I expected to be, my lap was far from perfect and I took it very carefully. Think I could've gone half a second faster if I'd had taken a bit more risk and atleast a second faster if I had practiced before the race :p

Race: 11th
Had a pretty bad launch off the start, which wasn't much of a problem because I was on harder tyres than pretty much everyone around me. Exit of T1 there was a big pile-up and I got caught up in the mess unfortunately. Lost my front wing, and had to pit at the end of L1 already, my 1-stop strategy was ruined at this point. They also put me on the Ultrasofts, instead of the softs I selected, which was very annoying.
Had a fun little battle-ish with (I believe) @VARD, @R.A.J. and [someone else] on the ultras. But I just wasn't feeling confident on these tyres, so they were just a bit faster. Was pushing quite hard to keep up with them, but made a mistake and lost another front wing.
Made the stop on L13 or so and put on some softs. Felt a lot more confident on these tyres, and was surprised I was able to keep up with some of the guys that were a lap ahead of me.
Knew a point wasn't really in reach anymore, but just kept pushing a little on these softs. I think I set my fastest lap of the race on lap 29 or 30, on worn softs :p

Moral of the story, I really gotta start practicing more ;)

Gratz to @Lamp and the Sauber boys @Flips & @TwoFiftySix!

See ya'll in Great Britain. The place where I got my first ever AOR (ARL) podium! :D
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Apr 14, 2017
Pretty good race for me, bottled qualifying quite well, i had the pace during my fastest lap to get pole but the car got away from me in sector 2 and i lost .100 or so.
but for a mistake and going p2 was a pleasant surprise.

Race was honestly pretty boring, it was one of those 1 stop Sunday drives. I got a good start off the line and probably could have challenged @schumizeu for the lead in corner one but i decided to back off and just wait for DRS or a mistake while i saved the tires for a 1 stop. Btw congrats to @schumizeu on a fantastic pole. Lap 6 I put some pressure on him and got really really close to his gear box turn 2, i think the pressure caused him to make a mistake because out of the corner he had no traction and went right into the wall giving me the lead, and essentially the win.

For the next 30 laps i just managed the tires and the fuel, i was really happy and surprised to see @Niek van Gelder in p3 from last place but then he unfortunately crashed out. but that must have been a brilliant drive to get that far. We will get them points next time man. Also i didn't get any time penalty's im so proud of myself lol xD.

Congratz to the to Sauber @Flips @TwoFiftySix boys on their excellent double podium and their new constructors championship lead. Its starting to get a bit spicy in the constructors.

End of the race id decided to poor a bottle of champagne on my head that is at the end of the video below.

And also sorry for the banter during the race, idk who pulled a Robottas and said, "Minimal Talking." but i thought that was a little funny,

@Jipper i kno your crash was an unfortunate one with @Niek van Gelder but it is honestly one of the funniest things ive seen all week thanks for making me smile and im not trying to poke fun, you were honestly a passenger at that point.

(@schumizeu pass 23:30)
(@Ronnin1978 pass 32:30)
(celebration 1:00:00)

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Sep 11, 2016
Q 7
R 9
Qualy, did okay, buggered up the second run, first by not reducing fuel and second missing a corner.

Had an okay start, saw what was taking place in the first corner and avoided it but next thing I knew it was a reverse Kimi - Alonso from the 2015 Austrian grand prix.
Needless to say this didn't my, or the others involved, race any good.
Managed to only have a yellowish front wing and tried to carry on but after a few warnings for understeer moments decide to pit early which buggered up the strategy.
Spent the rest of the race trying to hunt down others while also trying to keep others behind but because of early pitting didn't have the grip to keep @Jipper behind.
I get you next time :)