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PS4 Round 9 - Hungarian Grand Prix


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Oct 2, 2016
Q: 12th

Was a weird quali for me. Set a good times on the softs but then could only just beat it on supers. No idea why, i was capable of 7th looking at the times.

R: 6th

With such a chaotic start to the race, with numerous safety cars, I decided to improvise an alternative strategy on the fly. I opted for a 1 stop to try and make time up that way.
The only thing that made me suffer was that my tyres went off at a critical time where i had to hold position. I needed to stretch a little further, this was where i lost around 4 places over a couple of laps. I pinpoint this as the catalyst which turned a potentially great result into just a good one.


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Feb 18, 2017
Q: 14th - As I always I go out for 1 flying lap and miss apex after apex :p

R: 8th - Gentle start, made up a couple of positions on the first corner and then on the run down to turn 2 a collision between @B5NCO @Thomassbrownn and @Mister09PL occurred, moving myself up 3 positions, unlucky lads :( As we got to turn 2 I had a little touch from someone that sent me into the grass, somehow saved myself from loosing my front wing and then the safety car came out and found myself in 11th position. Second safety car came out so decided to pit and found myself behind @Adibales and I just couldn't get passed the lad, great defensive driving mate, wasn't until the last 5 laps when I realised I was running in lean mode the whole race, so switched the engine up and was catching the cars in front about 1 second a lap.

Pipped @Goboyleox one the last lap and I wish there was 1 or 2 more laps left because @danio and @washy03 were just up the road

I miss you @ZeQ420 :(


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Feb 8, 2017
I think if would be 1-2 laps more I would pass Washy with his tyres. But made a stupid mistake therefore you @HoinkDoink and @Goboyleox were so close at the end. When I've lost my wing on last lap I had around 12-15sec advantage.