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S4: AOR iRacing GTE - Round 6 - O CANADAAA.


Slowest GT3 Champion Ever
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Nov 24, 2014
Safe to say I'm pretty disappointed. Got home at 7, then ate and joined 1 minute into qualifying, half way through my outlap I remembered that I don't have a setup, and then a few minutes later began my practice.

Qualified basically last but had the potential to go 8 tenths quicker so I knew the pace was there for the race with my class.

Took it easy on the first few laps, just getting into a groove for the long race, joined a 5 car train headed by Jake and Phillippe, I felt I was faster than everyone in it, so I went on my slow path to overtake one by one. On the straight I get Soren, and then the next corner I get killed as Phillippe spun into me. Looking at the race results, a top 10 was definitely on the cards, potentially 9th if I could have kept Evan behind.

Bit of luck going into the next race please?

Phil Bedford

AOR iRacing GTE S4 AM Champion
Mar 18, 2017
Well that wasnt what I expected. I actually DID qualify last @Browneskiii ;) and didnt think I would have any pace at all... so kind of settled in to trying not to die. Had some issues with Phillippe diving the **** out of me, twice... which was annoying, but he ended up in the pit, so karma I guess.
Ended the race in 12th having not actually passed a single car on the track... just through others having bad luck!
Good win for Sam in the AM cup, nice work bud.
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Sep 3, 2018
Well what a result that could of been... After Qualifying ok P17 but ahead of my rivals, I started fine, missed the 3 wide incident with the beetle (i mean Porsche) on its roof... Missing Phillippe and his attempt to pass at Wall of Champions... then getting taken out by Karoni going into wall of champions... Had a good little duel with Goderfroy and Reithmuller... Pitted and that when it all went to sh*t!

As i came out of pit i put a wheel on the line as the car slid under braking which gave me a stop go, on my way around my car changed completely and i lost all rear grip (must of spun 2 times) and then took my stop go and i forgot to take fuel off and had a ridiculously over fuelled car...

Shame as I love Canada... always next season!


Double AOR iRacing GTE Champion
Mar 4, 2015
Wasn't quite on top with my concentration yesterday, just a tad too many mistakes. Bottled a 30.7 on my final quali run as I scraped the wall of champions which was a bit unfortunate, but P3 was deffo ok.

@mike66187 had a superb opening to the race as I kept struggling with the final sector, constantly losing 3 tenths almost every lap. After his spin it was me and @N1kmido left and we both seemed to pick up pace a bit. Got a hang of the chicane at least (how to take the first kerb in particulae) which helped an awful lot. Then the ridiculous slow downs happened for both of us, it's kind off crazy you get 3-4 seconds for misjudging the first apex a couple of milimeters while otherwise you don't even get an off-track. Deffo sth worth fixing on this track. After my slow down the battle was on and I tried to put Dominik under as much pressure as possible. Well, it only lastet for a few laps as I hit the wall in T4, damaging my suspension. Steering was crooked, went into the pits and was hanging onto dear life in the final 20 laps. Luckily just about managed to salvage, even though it could have been P2 without my 2nd ridiculous slow down pen.

Would have liked to battle with Dominik until the end, pace was super similar, congrats to him! :)
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