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S4: AOR iRacing GTE - Round 9 - Im ol atta funny names


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Oct 19, 2018
Got a tiny hit in my back left corner on the first lap. Spun and somone hit my side prety hard. Car eneded up on the roof and race over:(

Phil Bedford

AOR iRacing GTE S4 AM Champion
Mar 18, 2017
Man alive do I need to get better at Qualifying (or practice more than about 10 minutes...). Gained 14 spots in this race I think, was lapping faster during the race than I did in qual.
Had some great races as I climbed through the field with @Stephan , Sam and finally with @Krusen

TBR write up should be out some time today.
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Jun 20, 2018
Too many silly mistakes and a place so hard to pass at meant I was stuck for long periods of the race, completely my own fault. DQ'd which I kinda expected to be honest. I don't mind Imola but I really don't seem to have any pace there no matter what car I'm in. Sebring hopefully is a little better for me, though again my pace there is kinda hit and miss. Sometimes I'm on it, sometimes I'm nowhere.


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Sep 2, 2018
Had to start from the back of the grid for being responsible of Interlagos first lap incidents. I didn't train with quali setup so we'll never know where I would have normally started the race from...

In official races I'm not used to do to more than 1 maybe 2 overtakes per race and my usual "strategy" is to wait for people to die. With a nearly full grid last night, I knew that strategy wouldn't allow me to keep some chances to stay alive in the Pro/Am championship. Forunatelly (for me), the first lap seemed to be a bit agitated for some drivers and I was 7/8 places up at the begining of lap 2. Still had some work to do though...

From there, controlled agressivity from me, fair behaviour from slower drivers and a gaggle of others fighting around the 15th position, allowed me to go up pretty fast and begining to think about scoring some points. At that point I joined that group of drivers, where everyone seemed to run about the same pace. That part of the race was hard for nerves because even if you know you're slightly faster than the guy in front, he also thinks he is slightly faster than the one in front, etc etc. With 6/7 drivers here, including two of my teamates, that was a mixed feeling situation between fun, fear and frustration.

Mistakes were done here and there, some lost their pace and I ended up fighting with @Meireloso for the last spot of the top 10 after pitstops. It seems he managed to keep his tires way better than me, as I think I was a bit faster before stopping and I couldn't do anything against his come back in the last 5 laps. Great job Alexis ;)
22 positions gained... I don't think I've ever done nor will ever do such a charge in a non-team race. Looking forward fro Sebring!
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Jun 20, 2018
This was probably the most exciting and entertaining race so far this season. Qualifying was really tight and I managed to get 15th on the grid, with i think 6 cars within 2 tenths off eachother around me. Avoided some usual lap 1 shenanigans and after that I was 100% focused on catching @Stevie. Managed to get past him and then caught up with @FisiFan91 and @Reith . At this point there was plenty of time left in the race and I was in a pretty comfortable position to save my tires for later so I'd have the edge after the pitstop phase. Towards the end of the race there it was a very intense 3-way battle between myself, @FisiFan91 and @Gibson for the pro-am podium positions. Very good race and looking forward to Sebring. Also pro-am championship lead is now only 2 points so watch out @Stevie ;)