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S5: AOR iRacing GTE - Round 2 - Nürburgring Gesamtstrecke 24h


AOR iRacing GTE 2 time Pro-AM Champion
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Sep 2, 2018
I voted for that track 'cause I love it. Though, I knew there was a high potential of a boring race. After the firts 2 laps where everyone around me died, I raced on my own. Danger is everywhere here, so you still need to stay focused, which I slightly failed to actually. But hey, top 10, I'll take it. Might also be a good result in class, I guess...

AOR Midg3t

1x iRacing Endurance League Champion
Jan 14, 2014

i just need someone to explain this to me...as in how the hell did i manage to do 4 laps in a row within 4 tenths of eachother

glad i decided to continue on after my 11m repair..did cost me some actual points, but im hoping to make that back up at the glen


AOR iRacing GTE S3 AM Champion & Former S-Mod
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Oct 19, 2016
Almost perfect!
Messed up Qualifying, didn't get a clean lap in.
Started P38, Finished P16. Running 0x until the white flag, had a black out moment, missing my braking marker and ended up mowing the lawn a bit. Nothing hurt except my pride.
Somewhere around lap 7 I guess I got some underfloor damage, as the front end grip was completely gone and the car handled very poorly. dropped 10s/lap from there onwards. No optional repairs offered.

Here's my personal highlight, awesome side by side action and super clean overtake:
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Formula 4 Test Driver
Sep 28, 2014
Did my best ever lap for qualifying, but that was only enough for about P20, which wasn't too bad I guess.

Darren Potter ran wide at some point during lap 1 which I guess gave him a slow down, but it caused me to run into the back of him as he let off the throttle afterwards. This caused me to drop down 4 positions right away and 2 more shortly after, but luckily no serious damage.

I was then stuck behind @Jake_Towns for the rest of the lap with @Merlin Cooper and some other guys right up my butt for most of it (until they crashed).

After this I was actually fast for once and catching people ahead. First off was Darren Potter on lap 4. Then @FisiFan91 on lap 5 when he was mowing the lawn. I got past Marvin Sluman during the pit stop on lap 7. Then I had a good lap with Jeremy Hoppe during lap 9, until he went wide and into the wall.

For the last two laps I tried to catch Flavien Fouque who was less than 5 seconds ahead, but my tires were a bit worn and I made too many small mistakes - locking up and sliding around a bit. Only 2.4 seconds behind in the end.

My view:

2019-01-08 08-36-39_2.png

AOR Midg3t

1x iRacing Endurance League Champion
Jan 14, 2014

cant believe i missed me...gibbons...gaillaird and fouque going 4 wide into turn 1
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