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S5: AOR iRacing GTE - Round 5 - Interlagos


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Dec 22, 2016
So basically I'm half way through a 12 month placement and doing uni work at the same time, and recently both have picked up a lot of pace (unlike me on the track) so I'm struggling to commit time to practice and races. To avoid further absences I'm going to have to drop out for now, but come May (a while away tbf, but still) I wont have any uni work to do before the end of my placement (which will be August) so I'll be able to commit a lot more time then. Enjoy the racing and I'll see you all on track soon!
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Nov 9, 2016
Damn I got unlucky at the start, couldn't really avoid the wreck.
This is a really great competitive league, I figured I would be up there in the low points but I think I'll be happy to get a single one by the end of the season. Offcourse I really need to practice more, haven't had the time these couple of weeks.

Just want to let you know in advance I can't race next week, hopefully I see you guys at Daytona.


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Aug 6, 2016
Stupid track, really don't like it.

Well hopefully this will be my worst result of the season.


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Sep 23, 2017
I choose the wrong setup and had horrible understeer I did my best but was losing too much time and gaining a lot of incident points decided to call it after 30 minutes


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Dec 5, 2018
Pfff, exciting but frustrating race at the same time. I got caught sleeping at start once again, but the worst thing was that I just did not have enough pace and I killed my tires trying to pull away from Christoph. My worst mistake was getting a slow down in turn 8 (didn't even know there is a slow down there after so many years lol), which meant I had to give up the position to Christoph. I knew I wasn't going to get that position back, I had similar pace with Christoph which is not enough to make a pass on this track. I tried pitting early but still ended up behind Christoph. With such bad tires I would have lost 3rd to Joris, had the race been a few laps longer. I am hoping I will be better at Motegi!
Congrats Eero for the win!


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Oct 2, 2016
@washy03 already said in the interview, awesome. Really surprised by your improvement over a few races. Kept the heat on until your pitstop. Great driving. If you keep improving at this pace, you'll be in Pro in 4 races.
It was nice to be with in touching distance of the cars in front for once :ROFLMAO:

I was practically the first pitbox and didn’t realise... I overshot it by 200 metres, reversing back down the pitlane ruled out any chance of meeting back up later on :confused:

Was really good to race with you! Thanks
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Dec 5, 2018
I finished the race with 3x but after the race someone added 2 more.
Yes, sorry for that Eero, misjudgement on my part.

I have a very fun race. Got overtaken by Mike at the start and took me a while to get that position back. With all the battling, I lost touch with the 3 cars in front. Once I got a gap going to Mike, I started to nibble some small chunks from the gap towards the front, but it was only a few hundreds here and there. It actually took me until the last but one lap to get into the slipstream of Claudiu, which was not enough to get a good attempt set up for the final podium spot.

Great racing again, with some very good heads up racing by the lapped cars as well. Thank you all for that.
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Sep 2, 2018
Who stoled my tires heaters? Couple firsts laps where a nightmare. Had to let by a cluster of cars before getting some informations in my steering wheel. When it happened, the goal was to push hard to catch the Sara/Knut/Jérémy train. Pushed too hard... Well done Mr Godefroy.
I don't know how I managed to keep @Jukks behind me as he looked a bit faster than me and I was all over the place most of the time but hey I'll take it ;)
I'm very impressed by @Rin Hato 's recovery from last season. Great pace and consistency on the last 4 races, Pro/Am leadership. Hats off!
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Joachim Ljunggren

Pro Karter
Jul 2, 2018
Didn't do the qualy I was hoping for. Was 0.3s up on my best attempt but got a stupid offtrack. Started in 16th place.
Had a good first lap and overtook some cars. On the end of lap one Hoppé had a bad exit in the final turn leading up to the long S/F straight and I tried to overtake him on the outside turn one. We were two wide but I had to slot in behind him coming out of the Senna S. I got "clear" from my spotter and saw Imray in my monitor but as soon as I got the clear Imray was gone from my mirror and as I was moving slightly towards the apex I got "left side" and bang, there he was and we bumped together. I later saw on the replay he had much higher speed than me and Hoppé. My car lost control and I was in the armco and had got some damage. I was close to last. Race incident and a lot to pay attention to in those circumstances so no one to blame IMO.
Then a really exciting battle begun with a lot of cars for a while. It is so hard to overtake on this track so I had to take some risks. Finished in 19th place. Not the result I was hoping for. I think a top 10 was possible if we hadn't crashed there on lap two.

Race from my PoV.

Niclas Domino

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Jul 31, 2016
What a race, and WHAT A START!!!!! damm i went from P32 to P23. That was P6 in AM to P2 :D
But my set was bad too much understeer, and the tires just died on my car, so i just lost a lot of time and ended on P4 and i had to fight for my place all the time. Again a nice fight with @Argon we can't keep meeting like this m8, about 1,5 sec between os out of the pits the last two races :D

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AOR iRacing GTE S3 Pro-AM Champion
Jun 20, 2018
As you can see in Niclas' video I was Oconed at the start. Didn't get any noticeable damage and managed to catch up to the back of the field relatively quickly. Decided to try and undercut the massive train of cars in front of me but was then stuck behind @Bucefal and @Marvin after the pits. Couldn't really get any moves done so that was pretty much the race for me. Just got unlucky with the start and strategy, even though I felt like I had pretty decent pace.
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