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PC S7: AOR GT3 Elite - Main Thread


Season 4 PC GT3 Pro Champion
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Dec 28, 2015
Give your feedback about this season here: https://apexonlineracing.com/community/threads/aor-gt3-leagues-feedback-thread.17878/

Even if we coordinators have our opinions, it's important for us to have inputs from drivers to keep coming up with the most enjoyable format.
More specifically, any feedback about assists, cars, tracks, weather, etc. is greatly appreciated.



Thank you guys for the racing this season!
There were many drop outs which is a shame but hey at least you experienced 16 players lobbies just like us consoles peasants :p
Many thanks to @FisiFan91 @Yorkie065 and @StevieSQ for the commentaries. It was a real pleasure to watch the stream after I had bad and not so bad races on my side. "Time to watch some proper drivers" is what I thought everytime before watching it ;)
In the future, it would be great if someone can get you some quick notes about the race, like tyre wear, possible strategies, etc. so that you don't say nonsense stuff :smuggrin: @FisiFan91 (0 stop at Dubai?? :hungover::wacky:)

I must say one of my heroes this season is @DANGEROUS GIANETTA
Humble, came up from Pro, picked up that lovely Gianetta and had much fun in the few races he's been in this season. Seeing you enjoy the league, is for me the best reward for the work the coordinators and myself have been putting in to get this season rolling.
im really thank you @Def
believe me,im really enjoying every race from season 3 and now a day :):):)
im proud of and again thanks mate (y)(y)(y)
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EVR Morvic

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Feb 25, 2016
For those who are interested - we're running a test social this wednesday! CLICK
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Jun 15, 2016
@Gxbbs @AndrexUK @FisiFan91 @Yorkie065 @Suomy @C. Tscharf @Papand @AndrexUK @Rillo @Jeff[NL]
@SVK_Duchi @Hideaki @GodfatherofShift @Hetharion @ramdrop @Soulah @Vernux @Xenon91 @Bilt!s @Mr AlcoN @RatRug @Perry Grondstra @jam_my21 @DANGEROUS GIANETTA @Novey

Hi guys,
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many thanks


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Sep 15, 2016
Are you in the correct topic ?? I mean this is PC and i dont know you but it seems like you need to ask this in ps4 topic ? How did your seasons go on AOR ? Are you the champion there all the time ?