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PC Season 10 sign ups


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Jan 15, 2014
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Hello there this is the thread for other signups that didn't make it into the first two social races. Season 10 if you are not aware with is using F1 2013 so make sure you have this game we are not racing on 2015 due to bugs at the current moment in time.

The signup process is simple, we just need some information from you to help your process along, the information needed and format is as follows.


Steam ID - Beyond
Nationality - Welsh
Speedtest - http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4744514212 (Milton Keys server)
Ping Test - http://www.pingtest.net/result/132649078.png (Coventry server)

Please be aware that ping over 150 will not be accepted due to issues in online therefore racing with others.

Once you have posted this please await messages from one of the following people:


We hope to see you racing in the Apex Online Racing league!

NRL | Kubica

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Aug 6, 2014
Guess I'll start this off :banghead:
Steam ID - NRL | Kubica
Nationality - American
Speedtest - :banghead:
Ping Test -


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Dec 27, 2014
Guy's if you didn't sign up to the other thread then yes you need to sign up. Here is a list of those currently signed up.

1- NRL|Kubica (Wheel, Corner Line)
2- MrGhostO1O (Wheel, No Assists)
3- F1LS MoNsTeR|ak (Pad, No Assists)
4- Haroldonicus (Wheel, TC and RL)
5- Jay (Wheel, Corner Line)
6- TitanOfRacing (Pad, Racing Line)
7- Honeyßadger (Wheel, Corner Line)
8- PaulB1991 (Wheel, No Assists)
9- Jens Maul (Pad, Corner Line)
10- KoolKat4716 (Pad, Corner Line)
11- Marco FD (Wheel, Corner Line)
12- Nicky FD (Wheel, No Assists)
13- Marcd2k7(Ranger) (Pad, Corner Line)
14- JoeySixth (Wheel, No Assists)
15- Lukas Schumacher (Wheel, No Assists)
16- JoeViiZaa (Wheel, No Assists)
17- WeeKiwi7 (Wheel, No Assists)
18- JamieFoppele (Wheel, No Assists)
19- [AOR]Neil Bywater (Wheel, No Assists)
20- DoubleDee1010 (Pad, Corner Line)
21- Ycoms (Pad, Corner Line)
22- [AOR]The Genius (Wheel, No Assists)
23- Michal7M (Wheel, No Assists)
24- Fissler (Pad, Corner Line)
25- klawutzke (Pad, No Assists)
26- F1 Stobartdude (Pad, Corner Line)
27- Elcrack91 (Pad, No Assists)
28- possis (Pad, Corner Line)
29- SteveRogers (Wheel, No Assists)
30- Nukka (Wheel, Corner Line)
31- Daryun (Pad, Line)

If your name is on it then you do not need to sign up again, just like Beyond said.


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Jan 15, 2014
Steam ID- filipposkasa
Nationality : Greek
[DOUBLEPOST=1444850460][/DOUBLEPOST]Steam ID filipposkasa
Nationality Greek
[DOUBLEPOST=1444850490][/DOUBLEPOST]Steam ID filipposkasa
Nationality Greek
[DOUBLEPOST=1444850663][/DOUBLEPOST]Steam ID filipposkasa
Nationality Greek
speed test
ping test
You need to redo the tests to the servers I did for my test. The server name is in brackets next to the links.
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