Season 9 Round 11 - Hungarian Grand Prix |

Season 9 Round 11 - Hungarian Grand Prix


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Oct 27, 2014
Why i retired well.. the race was boring & i cant stand being so slow and last anymore. its just annoying the people on the wheel get there tyres to last longer than me.. they only reason im racing now is just to have something to do. but i feel like this is wasting my time. playing on a pad when i cant use the pads assists to my advantage and im last every race. for instance china i was last in qually and i made my way up to 2nd. those are the types of races i want but im Like in the last 70% on the positions and im just getting board and have no motivation, i want my old self back but it isnt :L


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Oct 22, 2014
That was some classy racing, by far the best experience I've had in AOR as of yet. Really glad it was at my home turf as well :)
Sadly I couldn't practice as much as I would have liked, but somehow I still managed to have quite a good pace and I'm really happy with the podium. I could have literally ended up from 2nd to 5th anywhere, my heart was in my throat during the whole race, thanks to Scotchtape's brilliant and clean driving despite the slight lag. It was really intense between me, him and matt, at one point we were even three wide in the first corner, but I'll make a highlights video later anyway, so you can see for yourself.

And as always... Congratz Levis! You definitely deserve some goulash :)
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Oct 28, 2014
Bit surprised about the result since I didn't practice much, because I had ton of schoolwork.

Quali: Best lap I have ever driven in F1 games.
Race: Just tried to create as much gap as possible and managed to do it pretty nicely. Don't really enjoy this track so I was just counting the laps remaining and hoping for an end. Managed to snatch a win so pleased with that. Shout out to @scotchtape20 for keeping my main rivals behind (y). Shame my teammate DC:d since dommy got good pace. Can't join in in Spa since I am at lapland skiing. Thx for the race
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May 6, 2014
I'm kinda gutted tbh, I put quite a number of practice laps in on this track this week. I had the pace, I had the consistency, but come the real deal I kinda fell apart. I thought I would be in for a shout at a 3rd podium in a row. Oh well, at least I took some points away.
I hit my expected time in qually, but I didn't expect to be on the final row of the grid, from start to finish, the whole race kinda felt like an up-hill struggle. Barely finishing 5th as @Chicane was reeling me in, I'm sure 1 more lap and he would've got me. Highlights will be up later this week, not incredibly exciting highlights, but highlights none the less.

@Levis I have no idea how you managed to get a 1:20.8 in qually, that must have been a pretty incredible lap, and congrats on the win :)


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Feb 2, 2014
At first I had to defend vs Microlander who was filling my mirrors for multiple laps. Then I had a quick overtake on DommyG and that released me from Microlander. After the first stop I managed to stay in front of DommyG who was pitting one lap earlier, by only the smallest of margins. After that it looked like a lonely race, but at my second stop I realized that aMadMouse went for another stint of primes while I picked options one lap later so I pushed to overtake him in the end, but in the final lap my tyres weren't much of an advantage anymore. So I think with even one more lap I wouldn't have managed to overtake aMadMouse.

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