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PS4 Season review


Formula 4 1st Driver
Oct 11, 2017
Hi guys! With the season now over I feel the best thing to do now is a season review. I would like everyone willing to participate to describe how his season has gone, if their objectives have been acomplished, what has been your highest and lowest points of the season, what are you looking forward in the future of league racing, etc, simply whatever you want to say to conclude this season. Thanks to everyone!

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Formula 4 Test Driver
Dec 27, 2015
I went into this season looking for points and started it on a high with a pole and my first win of the season and for most the season that was the only high. As it was my first time racing at this high a level I needed to adjust how I did my setups and driving and building from the ground up. The mid season left lost to desire with a few DNF’s and poor results all round. After hitting my lowest point I clawed my way up and the end of the season went how the entire season should’ve battling for podiums and wins in the last few races and showing the pace I’m capable of. The last race I finished on the podium ending the season the way it started on the podium.


Formula 4 1st Driver
Oct 11, 2017
I feel my season has simply gone from really bad to the best driving of my short career in league racing. I started the season with 'not the best results'. I felt like every single time I was on a decent situation, I made noob mistakes. Luckily, as the season went on I started to be more confident in myself and focused on being a more consistent driver, which certainly paid off. After being like 10th or something in the championship I pulled out some great performances which boosted me in the fight for 'best of the rest'. Nevertheless, although I was driving at my best, my desired victory looked out of my hands. Fortunately, I was able to get it on Mexico and it was the perfect way to wrap up the season, although I missed on third, but I still feel Slimbo deserves it more.

About my lowest point of the season, it certainly has to be Baku. Great pace, fighting for the win, and then crashing not only once but twice. Going from almost winning, then fighting for a podium to finally dnf on the last lap.
Obviusly my highest point was Mexico, not only because of the result, but also because I pulled out some great moves. Apart from that, I would probably go with Britain, where although I had a puncture on the last lap and lost the race, I could not have been happier with my perfomance in the wet, which in my opinion is my weakest point.

Next season Ill certainly be competing here in AOR, but this time with a wheel, so we will see how it goes, hopefully I can adapt quickly.

Now, the final shoutouts go for @jomppalainen for a more than deserved title, @Jordy Lopez in my opinion the fastest on raw pace, @SlimboDude for the fight for 3rd and at the end @HiippariLate for being the coordinator. One more mention goes to @GJoe_Breezy07 , his pace in the last few races has been more than impressive, it seems like he can be one of the fastest around here.
Obviously, I also want to thank every single driver, and also our commentator, for making all of this possible, it has been great to race with you guys. Well, hopefully we will keep on racing next season!!!


GP2 2nd Driver
Apr 3, 2018
Cool thread @PedroPMF I made it sticky for you so it's more visible!
The whole season for me was just shadowed by some serious mental block during qualifying and just crashing in stupid places during races. Bottling the certain p2 and a really good chance to win after starting from last in Baku just kinda sums this season for me, and really shows how inconsistent I still am. Towards the end of the season just lost all motivation to practice but atleast I had some fun on track with a few nice battles! Huge gongratulations to Williams (@Hasnain @jomppalainen) on winning the constructors title and for @jomppalainen for winning the drivers title! Also have to mention @Jordy Lopez for being an amazing 2nd and for that raw pace!
This has now been my first year into racing games and what a journey it has been so far, really looking forward for the years to come!


F1 Senna Equivalent
Staff member
GT Coordinator
Jan 1, 2017
I guess I'll put some personal stats up like I did for S14:
Starts: 18
Best finish: 2nd (x1)
Wins: 0
Podiums: 1
Most Popular Finish: 4th, 6th (x4)
DNFs: 0
Points: 130
Final Championship Position: 6th

The stats don't look too amazing tbh but my pace really wasn't at the level needed for this tier so I guess P6 is decent in the end. Most of my results were through getting less penalties than anyone else but it's been nice racing here. I didn't really have any high expectations, would've been nice to grab a win somewhere and there were a couple of missed opportunities but it's probably the same for everyone. Was also nice to keep up my no DNF record in AOR F1 races. I don't think I improved that much over the course of the season, but it's been nice to see the improvement of the rest of you lot have made throughout the season, not just pace wise but I'd say there's been less penalties and incidents compared to earlier on in the season.
High was obviously the podium in Monza, and the low was probably the race after at Singapore, really felt I had a good chance for a good result there.
Finally huge congratulations to @jomppalainen on the title, and thanks for carrying us to the constructors ;) Commiserations to @Jordy Lopez , you may not have won the title but you definitely showed your credentials throughout the season. Well done on @SlimboDude on getting home in P3 and nice job by @PedroPMF on being top pad runner in the tier.
I won't be doing S17 of AOR but I'm sure I'll see you guys around, if not here then in other leagues.

Thanks for having me and Good Luck to you all,



Formula 4 2nd Driver
Sep 10, 2017
At the start of the season everything looked positive, qualified 3rd and finished 5th at Australia and i thought i would be fighting for podiums. Then for the rest of the season i wasnt really quick enough nor consistent enough to get any good results, (except Canada), the races i had good pace at i managed to bottle it in either quali or the race, and the races i was slow i was just fighting for the wooden spoon. Especially USA was a race where i was fighting for a podium, but then a few rookie mistakes later i was 9th, and baku i would have probably got 4th or 5th if i kept it clean, beacause there was so much carnage, but of course i had to crash as well. Tracks like Austria and Russia i had good pace at, but i was involved in lap 1 incidents so therefore that ended up with basically nothing as well.
The good moments was obviously Canada, getting my 1st and so far only AOR podium. Qualifying at Silverstone when i qualified 2nd was very nice as well, with a wet setup i went and did a lap that was 3-4 tenths quicker than my PB and setting provisional pole. Unfourtunately @PedroPMF had to come and ruin it and take pole:LOL:, but was a great moment nonetheless as i had 0 expectations going into that quali.
Congrats to @jomppalainen on the title, and thanks to @HiippariLate for coordinating and @LukeEtheridge95 and the boys for commentating!


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Jun 4, 2018
Hey guys
Even dough i left the league in the middle, because of my wheel pace i constantly watched you. Congrats to jomp winning the championship.
My season was not the greatest. At the beginning i was very fast i even got some poles but tyre overheating ruined my races. Than with the time i was getting slower and slower even dough i practiced much (realized later that my pads R2 was brocken). All in all im a little sad that this season hadnt a good ending for me but still im thankfull for the good results i had and thank you to everyone to for making this league possible. I hope some people are not too angry because i was driving too hard and making mistakes sometimes to be honest.

I whish you all some great seasons ahead and maybe we‘ll meet one day