TCC round 7, race 3, B lobby |

TCC round 7, race 3, B lobby

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DOR Currfield

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Feb 8, 2019
League: TCC
League Coordinator:
@muggs @SVR Martxn
1, June, 2019
Drivers Involved: me,
@TUS BallistiX
For the first contact I knew I was at fault so I gave him position back on the straight. (Didn't lift because I didn't need to).
The next three times I was on his inside and he just turned into me like I wasn't there. I had no intentions to cut those corners, he forced me to do so.
If anyone has replays from Catalunya Race 3 B lobby I can show you that he always does this. Please notify me if you have the replays.

DOR Martxn

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Forza Coordinator
May 31, 2016
Stewards Decision:

5 second penalty for TUS BallistiX
- The footage shows TUS BallistiX moved over on DOR Currfield multiple times, blocking him and forcing DOR Currfield off track, preventing him from making a move that way.

1.5) Offence: Blocking

1.5.1) Protecting a position by moving over on a car already committing to a pass, as related to the racing line. You may not move over onto a competitor which forces them off the circuit, or creates contact.

Warning for DOR Currfield - Including DM's this way in a SI is not done. They contribute nothing to the SI itself, but only serve to bash the other driver. This won't be tolerated. Please keep in mind DM's are private and trusted. They're not to be shared and used this way.

1.8) Offence: Unsportsmanlike Conduct

1.8.2) Exhibiting behavior which can be classed as Childish and not in the interest of fair play on track

@TUS BallistiX @DOR Currfield
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