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PS4 Team Registration and Car Livery Pick


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Mar 13, 2016
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AOR Project CARS 2 Ginetta G40 Junior League

Team Registration and Car Livery Pick

One of the biggest challenges in motorsport is shared among many disciplines. Regardless of the category, regardless of how high up the ladder a driver goes, there is always one thing that all racers aspire to do - beating their team-mates.

You can choose your team-mate and compete for joint glory under your own team-name!*
*Subject to approval - Vulgar, hateful or offensive names will be disallowed.

The amount of maximum number of drivers per team. Teams will now be limited to 2 drivers per team. Team-mates will still be required to use the same car and same livery, or same team livery (same design but with alternate colours, see example).

You are not forced to join forces with another driver, however it is encouraged.

If you do not join a team, you will only score points in the Drivers Championship. Drivers who do not join a team at the beginning can create a team later in the season should a new driver join the league wanting a team-mate. All previous points from the established driver will be transferred to the new team.

All Teams must be created by the 3rd round, at which point no new teams may be created as not to interrupt the Teams Championship.

Where possible, we’d like each team to run it’s own unique livery however we are aware not all cars have a large variety of liveries to select from. It's first come, first served in regard to livery selection, so get your choices in fast!

All drivers are required to post the following information for the Team to be accepted.

To register your team, please sign up using the following template:

Team Name: [Enter Team Name]
Drivers within Team: [@Driver 1 (Driver 1 Gamertag) + @Driver 2 (Driver 2 Gamertag)
Livery: [Enter the Livery of preference]

[Elite] Teams registered:

Team Name: frog racing
Drivers within Team: @NICK-NITRO @C-FOGARTY
Livery: machuca racing #20 #19

Name: Haas-ta La Vista
Drivers: @manbearpig & @InFinityzzHD
Livery: Imochi Motorsport, #16 & #17

Team Palmer Motorsports
@Rbr46 @Rick_motogp_35
Livery ISVs vane racing team. #54 & 55

Team Name: The IT Crowd
Drivers within Team: @Walter---79 (PSN: Walter---79)) + @Phoenix_ (PSN: VP_Phoenix_)
Livery: Decksbern Motorsport #37, Decksbern Motorsport #38

team name: MPC Manx Racing Team
Drivers within team: @Manx57 PSN Ronin_Manx @mpc-v1 PSN mpc-v1
Livery: Pais Motor Sport #57 #58

Team Name: "The IgnorantDrivers RacingTeam"
Drivers within Team: @pete day + @The_Kaiser-MSc
Livery: #2 & #3 - Team Karsten

[Pro] Teams registered:

Team Name: Flat spot racing
Drivers within Team: @Mhill ( psn matt-hiller) and @kyleburleigh5437 (PSN: Kyleburleigh5437)
Livery: machuca racing #20 & #19

Team Name: Shake & Bake
Drivers within Team: @joshualuke1993 ( PSN joshualuke1993) @AOR Davidben (PSN Davidben85 )
Livery: #16 #17 imochi

Team Name: momentum racing
Drivers within Team: @igor55 (PSN: igor55) + @luckynumber72 (PSN: marctc072)
Livery: OWL security racing #31 and #32

Team name.. piston broke
Drivers.... @Big-Kid-Daddy and @chris130256
Livery . #10 and #11

Team Name: Wilson Racing
Drivers within Team: @RacingAtHome (RacingAtHome) - @Michel--NL (Michel--NL)
Livery: #37 and #38

Team Name: Vane Racing Team
Drivers within Team: @Nene @Miccky
Livery: #55 #54

Team Name: Team Rumble Tumble
Drivers within Team: Marcus Lindh @Foxysproxy
Henrik Andersson @nezehran
Livery: Team Shalstrone #29 and #30
[Semi-Pro] Teams registered:

Team Name: Skidmark Central
Drivers within Team: @Wimstradamus @Alex Varic
Livery: #32 #31

Team Name: Friedrich Hecker Racing Team
Drivers within Team: @DeuxMilles (Deux_Milles) @YabbaTheHutt
Livery: #16 #17

Team= Uccios heroes
@Anthony VR46 @DeviousDoley
Vane racing 54&55

Team Name: Unwanted Racing
Drivers within team: @NumptyNed @uptown8217
Livery: #49 #50

Team name. Jolly Harper racing
Drivers within team @Jolly76 (iej76). @Tom harper (Doctorwhofan)
Livery Aqi courier #40, #39

Team Name: Noobs behind the wheel
Drivers within Team: @Ahmad Farah - Gamertag: ah_pandi @Fabio_dubai
Livery: WRB Motorsport #22

Team Name: RE Ginetta
Drivers within Team: @Play4Stefano @Poumstar
Livery: MACHUCA RACING #20 #19
List of Drivers without a team:

Below you can see the drivers that currently are not assigned to a team

[Drivers without a team will be listed here]

Team Name:
Drivers within Team: @Wallgren
Livery: #55


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Alex Varic

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Premium Member
Oct 30, 2015
Anyone wants to team up with me in Semi pro? Don't care about the livery or team name but I like the idea of being in a good team.


AOR PS4 GT3 S14 T2 Champion
Jan 2, 2018
Anyone not got a teammate in pro? Would like to go for #20 livery if anyone want to go for the matching one?


F1 Multiple Race Winner
Mar 9, 2016
Team Name:
Drivers within Team: Ronin_Manx
Livery: #57

Not got a team as yet open to offers lol
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Premium Member
Premium Member
Dec 22, 2017
I dont know any of the guys in the elite league. So if anyone wants to team up with me, hit me up. Which livery we use I don't mind
@Carlw1986 @iSuperScrub @KrypticTMG @The_Kaiser-MSc @Walter---79 @Phoenix_ @manbearpig @mpc-v1 @NICK-NITRO @Manx57 @pete day @C-FOGARTY @Rick_motogp_35 @Porfuera @Rbr46
I'd be happy to team up with you if ya wanted? I don't know anyone either - can't imagine I'll be challenging for wins, so if you get a better offer I won't be offended ;)

Also could I have the #17 livery (Elite league)


PS4 Triple Crown 2018 Indy 500 Champion
Premium Member
Feb 14, 2017
I'd be happy to team up with you if ya wanted? I don't know anyone either - can't imagine I'll be challenging for wins, so if you get a better offer I won't be offended ;)

Also could I have the #17 livery (Elite league)
Fine by me man. Let's take a look at the #17 car... Looks good, do when need to drive the #17 both or the same team? So you #17 and me #16. Still need a team name haha
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DiRT Coordinator
Staff member
DiRT Coordinator
Aug 7, 2017
anybody looking to team up with me in pro, livery doesn't matter a lot to me.


AOR PS4 GT3 Semi-Pro S8 Champion
Nov 1, 2017
Team Name: Vane Racing Team
Drivers within Team: @Nene, @Miccky
Livery: #55, #54

If anyone want to join me in the Pro league, it will be with pleasure!
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