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King Chip x

GP2 Reserve Driver
Apr 17, 2017
Platform + League: XB1 Tier 1
League Coordinator: @seppel165
Date: 17/07/19
Members Involved: @King Chip x @p4thos
Description: Video was long enough to see prior battle. One move defensive manoeuvres from me, at point of accident, I braked just as we hit the 40m board on the right. Which is almost to the limit for the corner, and I don't think he even made and attempt to stop with his own brakes. I ended up pitting and eventually rolled home in last

Evidence: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/king-chip-x/video/77222116


GP2 Test Driver
Feb 15, 2018
The thread title is a bit offensive and, frankly, perfectly unnecessary.
The video tells the story perfectly.
In the approach to the braking point, you're defending and on the inside line (left):

Suddenly, on the last moment and right before the braking point, you decided to move to the right, even while braking, to my line:


I have taken the liberty of cutting your video so that you can see how you, suddenly and on the last moment, decided to change your line:

By the time you decide to change your line, I only had about 1 second to react, so there was nothing I could do… I wish I could, because my race was ruined too...
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Head Steward

Head Steward
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F1 Coordinator
PCARS Coordinator
AC Coordinator
Jan 25, 2014
After reviewing the evidence the stewards have decided to give @p4thos an 20 second time penalty + 15 penalty points for causing a moderate avoidable collision + failing to wait.
Also an warning for @King Chip x that it is not allowed to move your line under braking.
Why did @p4thos then get an penalty? Still we think that @p4thos should had take more distance between the cars as the upcoming corner is an heavy braking corner.

@King Chip x @p4thos @seppel165
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