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Uploading Replays to YouTube

LCR Apex

Formula 3 1st Driver
Jun 15, 2014
After buying the game a few days ago and nosing around, I saw in the replay the option for 'YouTube'. It lets you pick an area to record a portion of your race (single player only unfortunately) and upload it to YouTube. Today I linked my RaceNet to my YouTube account and gave it a go on Open Wheel RaceNet challenge.

Here's the result:

Pretty interesting. According to the menu that pops up it only lets you record up to a minute - even though when I gave it a go it only let me do 30 seconds. Would be good to share lap times for those of us without recording devices if at all possible, maybe on some of the quicker tracks, but for now it only seems useful for sharing crashes that occur in Single Player :/ Maybe we could make some sort of AOR montage with it :p
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